Transforming Your Life with Faster EFT Online Program

About “Transform Your Life with Faster EFT” Course

The next step after the 7 Day Quick Start Course with over 9 hours of instructional videos to help you learn the basics of Faster EFT including the following:

  • Faster EFT Belief System
  • How the Mind Works
  • The Structure of Problems and How to Release those Problems Using the Faster EFT Tapping Style

The course is designed to teach you exactly how to solve simple and complex problems in your life which will definitely help you align more with the sense of peace. Transform Your Life with Faster EFT course also includes demonstrations of the Faster EFT Tapping process by Robert Smith himself.


Transforming Your Life with Faster EFT Online Program

Why Do You Need This FasterEFT Course?

This course is designed for beginners who wish to explore Faster EFT. It provides great convenient and valuable learning because this is an online course. You get to learn at the comfort of your own home or wherever you are at time most convenient for you.

Transform your life with Faster EFT is an online course viewable across devices, from computers to laptops, tablets to smartphones.

Whatever hurdles you are going through in life, may it be emotional, physical or mental pains and struggles this course is a step to wellness and peace!

These treasured teachings from Robert Smith includes a detailed guide on how to use the course for maximum results.

How Faster EFT Works?

If you have finished the 7 Day Quick Start Course you probably know the basic idea of how the mind works. Faster EFT solves the root cause of the problems. Through the Faster EFT courses, you will learn how to properly and methodologically transform your life by getting rid of all issues within your mind that has a negative impact on your mental health, physical health and spiritual vitality.

A lot of people have discovered the wonders of Faster EFT, its convenience and benefits appeals to all walks of life.

Check out the course outline and overview here.


Join thousands of people whose life has been transformed by Faster EFT through this 11-lesson course. It is your chance to be part of the global Faster EFT Family who aims to liberate people from mental, emotional and physical suffering.

Faster EFT is your home for change and transformation.

Let that begin today!

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