Trump and Clinton vs YOU!

Feeling frustrated about Trump and Clinton, and the presidential election? Regardless of your views, which candidate you’re supporting, or whether you’re fed up with all of them; if you’re feeling strong emotions and are finding it hard to deal with them, the damage is deeper than you may realize. If you’re finding yourself drawn into the drama and turmoil of the political battle for the presidency, it’s worth taking a moment to become aware of the effects. There is a way to do your part politically, if you want to, without allowing it to disrupt your life and your health.

Trump and Clinton vs YOU!

What’s the Problem?

A healthy interest in politics is harmless – unless you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with negative emotions. Bear in mind that negative emotions do more than simply make you feel bad emotionally. The chemicals produced by negative emotions can cause significant health problems. Especially when they are sustained over a long period of time. Our bodies were designed to withstand short periods of stress chemicals for the purposes of survival and progress; they were not, however, designed to withstand ongoing stress.

For more detail on the effects of stress and negative emotions on the body and brain read: The Real Cause of All Stress

In addition to causing damage to your health, an intense negative emotional state can affect your cognitive thinking. And this will limit your ability to think clearly, make rational decisions, communicate effectively and solve problems. When you are fully focused on something that causes you to remain in a negative state, you are behaving differently, relating to others differently and making different decisions to when you are in a positive state.

Staying in Control

Showing an interest in world events and the future of your country is one thing. Allowing those events and the actions of politicians to have a negative impact on your life, your health, and those around you is another. So, how do you know where to draw the line? Monitor your emotions. Become aware of how you’re feeling; and make sure that you are in control rather than being at the mercy of forces outside yourself.

The truth is, no matter how upset, angry or frustrated you become regarding what’s happening in the world of politics; there is little to no chance it will result in those politicians changing their minds or the American public taking different action. Your emotions only have an effect on you and those around you; they have no influence on the rest of the world. Remind yourself of this, and do what it takes to free yourself from the negative emotional states. FasterEFT is the most effective (and fastest) way to clear your negative emotions and empower yourself.

You Know They’ve Got the Better of You if:

* You’re feeling strong negative emotions you can’t pull yourself out of

* You can’t concentrate or focus on work or other areas of your life because you’re so absorbed with what’s going on in the political arena

* You spend time complaining to others – in person or on social media – time you would like to (or need to) spend on more productive activities

* When someone mentions Trump or Clinton, you feel your emotions rising (what you’re feeling in that moment are stress chemicals and the fight or flight response)

* When people don’t understand or agree with what you think or feel about a particular candidate, you find yourself feeling emotional

* You find yourself falling out with, or feeling negative emotions towards, friends, family and other loved ones because their opinion regarding a particular candidate differs from yours

* You can’t pull yourself away from the news, newspapers or social media because you’re addicted to what’s going on in the election campaigns

If you are not able to pull yourself out of the negative feelings and feel good or focus on something fun, on demand, then you need to take action to free yourself from the trap of negativity you can’t do anything about.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you can take some action to change whatever is bothering you, that’s great – do that. If there’s nothing you can do to personally change the situation, focusing on it only does damage to you and affects your own life in a negative way. It can affect your health, your work, productivity, creativity, decision-making, relationships, and so much more.

How to Pull Yourself Out of It

Start by realizing that no matter how strongly you feel, there is no chance that any of the candidates or the American public is going to change because of the way you feel.

Remind yourself that the only person you have control over is yourself. And remember that your emotional state affects your health and all other areas of your life. After this election is over; regardless of who ends up president, you will still be responsible for your own health, wealth, happiness and relationships. Long after the new president has taken office, you will still need to deal with your own personal challenges; and your emotional state will have a powerful impact on your ability to succeed. Instead of focusing on what you can’t change, your time may be better spent in empowering yourself to transform your own life.

Then, of course, if you have the passion, opportunity and ability, you can always run for office if you wish! But your priority right now is to empower yourself. So that you are able to choose your own path and the life you desire; regardless of what the rest of the world is doing right now.

Using FasterEFT to Free Yourself from Political Hypnosis

In order to break free from the hold that the political race for the presidency has over you, take a moment to use this simple technique:

Step One

Think about what bothers you most about the elections or a particular candidate. Notice how you know it bothers you. Notice what you feel, what you hear in your mind; where you feel it in your body, and how strong the intensity is.

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Here’s an example of how the effects of politics can be transformed using FasterEFT:

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