Robert Smith of Faster EFT Discusses Truth About the Ego

The idea of the ego was introduced to the world by Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.


The idea of the ego itself has become generally distorted from Freud’s original explanation of the id, the ego and the superego.


Today many see the ego, based on Freud’s description, as a separate part of the personality that is responsible for certain decisions and actions.


In fact, the ego, in the eyes of many, has become a combination of Freud’s id and ego.


However, what is the truth about the ego?


Was Freud right?


Or is there an opportunity to update our understanding of the ego?


What is the Ego, Really?

The ego is the personification of a set of programming.


Rather than a part of the personality that is an entity in its own right, it is literally just the combination of your subconscious programming.


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Change the programming, and the “ego” changes!


Some people think of ego as the part of a person that tries to boost themselves above others, or that is only concerned with their own desires and well-being.


However, the ego is also the part of you that wants to keep you safe; that keeps you in between the lines on the road as you drive; the part that makes you want to brush your teeth before you go to bed.


The ego is your subconscious programming.

Working with the Ego

While many people see the ego as an adversary or trouble-maker, the truth is, it’s just a program.


And you can reprogram it!


You decide what you want to keep and what you want to change.


And then, just as you would change the songs on your iPod or the photos on your phone, according to your preference, you can change the data in the program that is resulting in your “ego”.


Using FasterEFT you can address whatever it is about your ego that may be bothering you.


Go through the FasterEFT process, noticing how you know there’s a problem, and then addressing it until it flips.


And as you change that data, the results you’re experiencing will change automatically.


The ego is not a bad thing.


In fact, the ego is not really a “thing” at all.


It is simply a set of programming that is running on automatic, and that is designed to keep you safe and in alignment with your version of reality.


And it can be changed.


You have the power and the choice to keep what you like, and change what you don’t like.


It’s all up to you.


You are the only one in control.


Freud described the id and ego as a horse and rider, with the ego needing to control the chaotic and unbridled id.


The truth is, the “ego” is the combination of programs, and you are the programmer.


You get to keep or change it as you choose.



How the Programming is Created

In every moment, your subconscious is referring to the data it holds – data that dictates who you are, how the world around you works, what’s right and wrong, and how best to survive.


This data is, interestingly, not necessarily true, objective fact.


Actually, it’s not objective or fact at all.


From birth, each baby’s subconscious begins to interpret the baby’s experiences, and files those records for future reference.


Every new experience is filtered through the previous references that baby’s subconscious already holds.


Since one of the most important roles of the subconscious is to interpret and give meaning to experiences, the details of these experiences are not recorded exactly as they occurred – as they would be through a camera lens, for example.


The role of the subconscious is not to simply record exactly what happened, objectively; its role is to determine what that experience means – what it means to that particular individual.


This design allows each of us to learn to thrive as effectively as possible, in the particular environment we’re born into.


By the time we’re adults, we have an indisputable foundation of what we know – about ourselves and the world around us.


The combination of personal experiences, what we’ve been taught, and what we’ve witnessed forms our unique version of reality.


And this reality is unique because, although two babies may be born into the same family and experience the same situations and events, their experiences will be at least slightly different.


And it only takes one slightly different experience, no matter how small, to set the path for a completely different life experience.


Now that you know that the cause of all problems is the database your subconscious holds, how do you get rid of your problems?


By changing the records that result in those problems.


Changing the memory of the dog that frightened you when you were young will automatically change your response to dogs today.


Changing the reference that connects your father’s love to a specific food will automatically result in a release from the compulsion to eat that food.


This is how FasterEFT solves all problems – by addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms.


The root cause, in this case, is the connection between your father’s love and that food.


This is why dieting wouldn’t work – eating that food is a symptom, not the cause of the problem.


While you may not consciously remember the original incident, as you begin to work on your experience of the problem itself (the compulsion to eat that food, for example) your subconscious will automatically reference any memories it has stored related to that problem (even those you don’t remember consciously) and will change them.


Here are a few resources to get you started:

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