Understanding the Absence of Risks in Faster EFT

What are the dangers and risks in Faster EFT? To understand the dangers of Faster EFT it is important to understand what it is and how it works. There are certain key elements to FasterEFT that form the structure of the modality.

Created by Robert G. Smith, FasterEFT works with the subconscious, using the mind-body connection to make core changes to automatic programs and patterns. These changes result in powerful transformation in all areas of life. So, should you heed a warning about Faster EFT? What are the risks in Faster EFT?

risks in fastereft

The Foundation Elements of FasterEFT

Every individual is responsible for, and has power over, their own life experiences.

One of the benefits of FasterEFT is the fact that it empowers the individual. Rather than relying on someone or something outside of yourself, FasterEFT allows you to take control by taking responsibility. Remember, responsibility is not the same as blame! Some may misinterpret this part of the modality as “blaming the victim” or being “victimized” but there is a very powerful difference:

Imagine you’re a passenger on a boat; and the boat is being tossed around by rough weather and high tides. So, you’re at the mercy of the elements and can’t choose where you want to go.

Then, someone points out to you that there’s no-one at the helm, and in fact you are the captain of that boat. Now, you didn’t know you were the captain – no-one told you – so, it’s not your fault the boat has been tossed around and you’ve been experiencing the consequences, BUT you now have the choice! And isn’t that great?

Warning About Faster EFT

Some people may feel angry at being told they’re the captain – they may feel they’re being blamed for the damage the boat has sustained. They may feel they’re being blamed for the damage the boat continues to experience while they learn to take the controls.

Because of that, they may refuse to accept responsibility for the boat. In this case, they continue to be a passenger; the boat continues to be buffeted by the elements; and that individual continues to be at the mercy of the rough weather and high tides. These are the perceived dangers of Faster EFT.


On the other hand, some people understand that finding out that they are the captain gives them the power to take over the controls of the boat – without any blame for the journey so far.

There is no blame because they didn’t know they were the captain until now. So, they take the helm, and they start to steer the boat in the direction they actually want to go. These are the benefits of FasterEFT.

Those who refuse to take on their role of captain may feel that those who pointed out to them that they are the captain are dangerous. However, there is no danger in taking control of your own boat. In fact, the danger is in remaining at the mercy of the rough weather and other elements.

The boat is, of course, your life. Robert Smith has pointed out that you are the captain; and that, while you are certainly in no way to blame for what’s happened to you so far, you now have the power to take that helm, and steer yourself out of it!

While some may consider this dangerous because of their fears of being responsible for their own boat, you have the option to allow yourself to take control and choose freedom.

Faster EFT benefits anyone who takes responsibility for their own experiences, and chooses to make the changes that will free them.

What makes a problem a problem is the observer’s perception.

How do you know something is a problem? If you start to become aware of how you know, you’ll notice it’s because you feel something, or you remember experiencing something.

In other words, somewhere along the journey of your life, you learned it was a problem. But you’re usually consciously unaware of this. It has become an undeniable fact.

The Truth About “Right and Wrong”

For example, why is lying a problem? If someone lies to you, why is it a problem? You may feel betrayed or disrespected. Or you may just “know” it’s wrong. But how? Where did you learn that lying was wrong, or that being lied to means being disrespected or betrayed?

The idea that lying is wrong is not a universal truth (even though it seems that way to many people). A baby is not born with the understanding that lying is wrong. Some people see lying as a clever tactic.

And how do you decide what kind of lying is wrong?  Some people believe that it’s not wrong to lie if you are protecting someone’s feelings, or if you’re protecting someone’s safety. Others believe all lying is wrong, and honesty is the only option. So, what makes the difference?


Your experience of life so far has resulted in “evidence” or “proofs” that your subconscious refers to as the truth of your reality. What makes this evidence so real and irrefutable is the fact that it is accompanied by feelings. When someone lies to you, you know it’s disrespectful because your subconscious has records that prove it’s disrespectful (based on life experiences), and it has prompted your brain to trigger your organs to produce the chemicals that make you feel disrespected.

This is the case with every response to the world around you. The great news about it is: you can change that proof! You can change the records held in your subconscious that tell you that you should feel or respond in a certain way. Why would you want to do that?

To gain more control over what you choose to experience. For example, feeling disrespected or betrayed, or angry is not a pleasant experience. It affects your health and your choices, decisions, and results in other areas of your life. And, most importantly, it does nothing to change the situation.

Your feelings of being disrespected or betrayed will not undo the lying. It will not even make someone stop lying if they choose to continue. So, all it does is damage you and cause you suffering. If, however, you choose to use FasterEFT to change those subconscious records that “prove” that lying equals disrespect or betrayal, you are free to choose how you feel and how you respond.

You are no longer at the mercy of others. This means that instead of being unable to avoid feeling bad, you will be free to simply get on with making the logical decisions you need to make, regarding whatever is happening – in a calm, happy and empowered way.

The Risks in Faster EFT

The only risks in Faster EFT are to the old patterns, old programs, and old problems. As you take responsibility for cleaning up the subconscious records you hold (a mess for which you are not to blame, but which you have the power to clean up – no-one else will clean it up for you) you will experience incredible benefits. The warning about Faster EFT is that you will need to be prepared to take responsibility for your own life. And that’s a very empowering thing to do!

The bottom line when it comes to Faster EFT benefits is the fact that YOU are in control. It’s all up to you. Are you ready to take the helm of your own boat, and steer yourself to where you want to go?

No-one outside you can make you do anything. In fact, no-one and nothing outside you can even make you feel anything! Feelings happen inside you, and they are the result of your perception. Your perception is created by the subconscious records you’re holding.

Change those, and everything else changes automatically! You have the power to free yourself. Will you use it?

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