Using FasterEFT as a Tool to Heal What is in Your Mind

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Using FasterEFT as a tool to heal what is in your mind: A Therapist’s Perspective

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A. MFT – Nov 17, 2012

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It’s all about what you do inside your mind so Faster EFT Training gives you skills to heal.

The number one cause of our problems is the inability to deal with them. Robert calls this being an escape-aholic or an avoid-aholic. People use many things to avoid dealing with their issues including overeating, drinking or ignoring that there is a problem.

What people hold within themselves is what causes them pain. According to NLP we process information in certain ways inside of our minds. Often times when we re-experience memories, we feel as if we are back in our bodies looking out of our eyes as if it were really happening now; we go back into the trance of the pain that we experienced at that time in our life. This is called an abreaction. We clean this up by tapping on every perceptual position.

There are four perceptual positions that people operate from. First position is being in your body, seeing the memory through your eyes; it feels as if you are in there again now (big trance). Second position is as if you were the other person (even though everything inside of you is actually you), seeing it through their eyes. Third position is as if you were a fly on the wall actually watching it happen from a distance. You can see yourself in the memory, which clearly is impossible in reality and shows that when we record information it changes from how it actually happened. The fourth perceptual position is the perspective that the whole world thinks this or experiences this.

In FasterEFT we tap on the expressions and all the details within these memories, we change every position and every emotional aspect until the memory actually changes. If you don’t like the meanings things have, change you and what you hold inside. The past is over and doesn’t exist unless you re-create it inside of yourself.

As a therapist I find it important to have a way to help people get rid of the pain that they hold inside of themselves. There are many things that talk therapy with a skilled practitioner can be helpful with including improving communication, discovering insight into problems and behaviors, as well as providing a safe environment in which to be authentic †“ something people may not have experienced much. FasterEFT is a tool that takes your healing to another level and actually provides the skills to not just understand your issues, but actually to release and transform them.

Remember that everything that you experience is based on something that you produce from what is already inside of you. When you tap away the early painful memories, you no longer have the references or proofs that give the current situation charge or meaning.

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Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT









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