Using FasterEFT to Get The Best from Life! Expecting the Best – and Get it!

Are You Expecting the Worst from Someone? It’s an interesting exercise, to start becoming aware of what you’re expecting from people as you go about your day. When you know that you’re going to be dealing with a certain person, do you catch yourself expecting the worst?

Do you “know” they’re going to react a certain way, display a particular behavior, or say certain things? Do you dread having to see them or speak to them? How would you like to expect the best – and get it?

Try this experiment, and see if things change for you. 

How to Expect the Best - And Get it

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that you can’t make that other person change. So, your option is to continue with the bad experiences, or to change your perception of the experience with that person. They may have their own problems and issues. Nevertheless, the reason you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing from them is because of what you’re holding in your subconscious, rather than their actions and behavior.

This may seem difficult to believe at first, but if you really want to be free and happy, it’s worth considering. Imagine going about your day without that feeling of expecting the worst? Imagine expecting and receiving the best experiences from everyone. It may seem impossible from your current perspective, but if you choose to try it, you’ll be surprised at the results!

Why Should I Change?

You don’t have to change of course; but since you can’t make the other person change, the ability to change yourself gives you the power to be happy regardless of what they’re doing.

This is about being happy and free, not about right and wrong. You could be right and unhappy. Or you could let go of right and wrong, and enjoy your life.

How to Expect the Best – And Get it!

In order to completely change your experience of others, you need to change the subconscious data you’re holding.

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Start by noticing what happens within your mind when you expect the worst from someone. Notice how you know you’re expecting the worst. Then, ask yourself what proof you have that what bothers you is true and real.

Have you had this experience before? For example: “He’s let me down before” or “She only ever calls me to complain”.

Who else in your life have you had this experience with? For example: “My father constantly broke his promises” or “My best friend in school was always miserable”.

As you go through the memories use FasterEFT to flip them. Don’t stop until they’re completely flipped.

Moving Forward

From now on, whenever you catch yourself expecting the worst from someone, stop. Remind yourself that the experience will be whatever you choose. Tap out any negative feelings and thoughts until what you’re expecting flips.

Keep tapping until you’re expecting the best. Remember, while you can’t change other people, you can change how you choose to see them. Change the records in your subconscious that are supporting the “reality” that you always get the worst from that person, expect the best (tapping out any resistance or negativity) and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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