5 Must-Watch FasterEFT YouTube Videos of November 2016 by Robert Smith

Robert is always busy filming and posting free videos talking about the wonders of FasterEFT on YouTube. To date, you will find thousands posted on YouTube, from clips extracted during live seminars, interviews to testimonials and discussions on how to overcome life problems.

The FasterEFT YouTube Channel has about 10 million views, making us one of the most watched and subscribed YouTube Channel on healing using tapping and memory reimprinting. This post sums up the Top 5 must-see videos he’s recently recorded. There will be more of these kinds of posts on this blog in the coming weeks, curating only the best videos about Faster EFT you can find on YouTube.

1. Robert Smith explains how to address sexual issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Vaginismus


Learn how our sexual abilities are wired and programmed within the mind. Robert Smith has a long track record of working with people who have issues with sexual performance. Since the mind is the root of all our desires, sexual included, its fulfillment or failure to function is also found in the mind. Mastering your mental programming can lead to wonders in addressing sexual issues.

This video answers a question from an avid follower. Robert came up with the best explanation of why cases of erectile dysfunction and vaginismus are actually issues with mental and sexual programming. Discover the wonders of Faster EFT Tapping on sexual problems.

2. How do I address my money issues? Robert Smith describes how to use Faster EFT


Discover the interesting and highly efficient belief system of Faster EFT in attracting money into your life. Robert answers a question from another follower who is currently struggling from financial worries and wonder how FasterEFT can change the issue. Is it really possible?

Yes! The reason Faster EFT works well is not solely dependent on tapping, just like what Robert Smith talks about in this video. FasterEFT solves the puzzle of problems structured within the mind. It is a system of highly effective processes and techniques that help people collapse the structure of financial problem in their lives. The mind is everything, so once the idea of having a “money problem” is collapsed mentally, absolute reality will work its wonders and allow goodness and abundance in. It is a natural Law of the Universe and is immutable.

The section “Everything is Mind”, in the article Faster Explains Why It Seems Hard to Be Happy for Some People, explains this well.

Discover why your unconscious mind is the Law of Attraction machine through this video.

3. Change your mind, change your life by Reimprinting your inner world with Faster EFT


Robert explains how he uses tapping in order to calm himself and also mentions the different kinds of tapping used in Faster EFT. This video is focused on memories, how memories we have recorded since birth are stored within the mind and used to structure our idea of reality.

Discover how to change memories and why it cannot and will never change the past. But changing a memory can ultimately lead to a change in your perception about the past and discharge negative emotions associated with the memory, so it no longer has a bearing on your current life experience.

The best thing about [memory reimprinting] is that it helps people get rid of distortions about their current life experiences that are based on the memories held as facts by the unconscious. This video is really a step closer to positive life transformations.

4. Faster EFT Fibromyalgia Testimonial – Natural Cure with No Pills


In this video Robert shares a testimonial about someone suffering from fibromyalgia, who has been helped by Faster EFT to overcome the dreaded disease. This is a must-watch video because he explains how to handle cases of fibromyalgia using FasterEFT. Freeing people suffering from chronic pain has been FasterEFT’s goal since its creation and introduction to the public.

Since then, it has been the miracle people have been wishing and hoping for. It has delivered results for many fibromyalgia patients, where other healing processes ran on empty promises. Discover through this video why it works and how it works.

5. Discover how your mind creates Greatness/Miserableness with FasterEFT


Discover the profound teaching on how we are programmed to function the way we do. How we come to understand how the world works and with that, how we create our own reality. Whether your life is miserable or great, it is all caused by the mind and through your unconscious programming. Discover ways of recreating aspects of your life that you are not pleased with. You will find valuable lessons on the simple truths Robert has discovered throughout his life.

Hope you enjoyed this list and if you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for the 7 Day Quick Start Course for free if this is your first time here! We hope you enjoy not just videos but lessons to make positive life transformations that create an impact.

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