Weird Sources of Allergies, Addictions, Phobias, Other Problems and FasterEFT has your answer.

Since the subconscious has no ability to use logic or reason, many of the phobias, allergies and other issues people suffer from have sources that are so apparently unconnected as far as the conscious mind is concerned, that they would never guess the origins of the condition.


Fortunately, using FasterEFT to address phobias and allergies means you don’t need to guess what the original cause of your allergy or phobia may be; the system is designed to work with the subconscious to address the issues directly.


It’s like asking the person who programmed your computer to make changes to the system for you, rather than you trying to figure out what may be wrong, and then trying to make the changes yourself.


In order to help you understand how using FasterEFT can help you to resolve phobias and allergies, let’s look at some of the weird ways the subconscious makes connections between apparently unrelated topics and experiences.


Weird Sources of Allergies, Phobias and Other Problems

Allergic to Light

Maria, who suffered allergic reactions whenever she was exposed to bright light, had lived with the condition for years.


She had no idea where this allergic reaction originated, and assumed it was a physical sensitivity she had to live with.


When it came to using FasterEFT, she had no memories that she could connect to her over-sensitivity to light – there seemed to be no logical reason for her reaction.


However, as Robert G. Smith, founder of FasterEFT, worked with her, memories began to come to her – memories she had completely forgotten.


This is an example of how memories we have consciously forgotten haven’t gone – we’re still carrying them inside us.


As Robert puts it: “Memories buried alive never die. They just come back wearing a different pair of shoes – in a bigger, uglier way.”


Just because you can’t consciously recall bad memories doesn’t mean they’re not still inside you and affecting your perspective, beliefs, feelings, responses, and everything you do and say.


As Robert took Maria through a FasterEFT session, memories that had up until then been buried deep in her subconscious began to surface.


Why now?


Having lived for so long with those memories apparently completely forgotten, why did they surface at that moment?


As you begin to address a particular issue using FasterEFT, your subconscious starts to bring up any memories that are connected to that issue.


As you use the FasterEFT process to aim at your problem, your subconscious automatically refers to the original records it holds – and begins to bring them to the surface.


As each memory comes up – regardless of how bizarre the connection may appear at first to the conscious mind – you can use the FasterEFT technique to address and flip it.


This will change the original record your subconscious is referring to, which will automatically result in changes to the issue – naturally.


The memories that began to surface for Maria were several incidents from her childhood, in which she suffered trauma; and in each of these events, she was looking up at lights during the traumatic experience.


In each case, her conscious mind focused on the lights, staring at them.

The Connection

During each traumatic event, Maria’s focus the lights was recorded by the subconscious; and the connection between trauma and light was made automatically.


Maria’s subconscious interpreted the experiences to mean that bright light signified a threat to her safety; and as a result, it signalled her brain to put her body into an emergency state whenever she was exposed to bright light.


While Maria couldn’t have guessed that her allergic reaction to bright light was caused by those childhood experiences (especially since she had consciously forgotten those memories) it does, of course, make perfect sense when the connection is finally made.


Robert helped Maria to address those memories; and as a result, Maria’s sensitivity to bright light disappeared.


Changing those memories changed the records the subconscious was referencing.


This means that when Maria is exposed to bright light now, instead of her subconscious recognizing it as a sign of danger and triggering a state of emergency in her body, it no longer has any such reference – which means there is no need to react.

Alcoholics Wanted

A woman who kept finding herself in relationships with alcoholics was confused as to why she had this recurring pattern.


No-one in her family was alcoholic, she had no memories she could connect to the attraction she seemed to have to men who drank to excess.


During a session with Robert, she remembered a warm and lovely memory that turned out to be the key to her pattern.


She had a strong memory of a very special moment with her grandfather when she was a little girl.


She remembered sitting on his knee, feeling loved and treasured.


Her grandfather was kind and loving, this was a powerful memory of being loved.


The key to the issue is that her grandfather had just had a sip of wine, and she could smell the alcohol on his breath.


Although her conscious mind did not make the connection; her subconscious, in that moment, linked the feeling of being loved and treasured with the smell of alcohol.

The Connection

She naturally had no conscious idea of this connection; but when she was out socializing, the smell of alcohol on a man’s breath would cause her subconscious to reference that connection.


And as a result, it would trigger her brain to signal her organs to produce the chemicals that would cause attraction since the smell of alcohol (as far as her subconscious references were concerned) were a sign of being loved and treasured.


Once this connection was changed in her memory, she no longer felt attracted to alcoholics. Her references for finding a man attractive had changed.

Illness Equals Love

A woman who had suffered from years of sickness couldn’t figure out why she was so sick.


If it wasn’t one thing, it was another, she was always sick.


Consciously she really wanted to be well and healthy; but, clearly there was something inside her that was ensuring she stayed ill.


Through the process of FasterEFT, she recalled that when she was a child, her mother, who was a nurse, seemed to be always working.


She felt that her mother was always busy and that she never had quality time with her…. Except when she was sick. When she was sick, her mother would stay home and look after her; these were the times when she got her mother’s full attention.

The Connection

Now, if she had made the connection consciously, she may have pretended to be ill in order to get her mother’s attention; however, she would also have stopped using that technique as she got older and more independent.


But, because the connection was made subconsciously, she had no conscious control over it.


Her brain simply connected the state of being ill with the state of feeling loved; and then reproduced it in order to feel loved more often.


Her subconscious triggered the illnesses in order to access the feeling of being loved.


Once this connection was realized, and the memories were changed, she no longer suffered from constant illness.


The new records gave her subconscious the “proof” that she didn’t need to be ill in order to feel loved.


Read about the weird connection that led to a peanut allergy here: How Allergies Work and the Subconscious Connections

What About You?

Whatever your problems, issues and challenges are, you can be certain there are memories that are providing the “evidence” to support them.


Even if you can’t remember them consciously, if you have the problems, you have the memories.


Start by using the FasterEFT process to tap on the issue or problem, and then continue to use the technique to address any memories that come to you – even if they appear to have nothing to do with the problem you’re addressing.


If you’re addressing that particular problem, any memories that are brought up during that process will be connected in some way in your subconscious. Make sure you tap until they have completely flipped.


For more guidance on using the technique, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

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