What Causes Negative Thinking to Become a Habit?

If you are not in the habit of thinking negatively, you are bound to at least know someone who has that tendency. Some people are comfortable and, in a weird way, happy with their negative mind-set; others, however would love to change their negative thought patterns but simply don’t know how to do so. Many people try to “think more positively” but end up plagued by their own insistent negative mind chatter. So, what causes this powerful program in some people and not in others? It’s about more than just choosing to think positively.

What is Habitual Thinking?

Habitual thinking is caused by connections in the brain. These connections make the thinking automatic. Have you ever found yourself thinking something – perhaps judging or criticizing yourself or someone else – before you’ve been consciously aware of it? Have you ever noticed yourself saying things your parents used to say, and realized that you don’t actually mean them? The words are out of your mouth before you’ve realized they were in your head? This is due to the fact that those thoughts are wired in your brain, and the conscious mind is not involved in the process.

The great news is: the structure of the brain can change. In fact, it changes all the time – as we learn; as we go through different experiences; as we make different choices. This restructuring is called Neuroplasticity, and it allows us to make changes to habitual thinking regardless of how long we’ve held a certain way of thinking – IF we choose to make those changes and are prepared to do what it takes to achieve them.

How Does Negative Thinking Become a Habit?

As we go through life from birth, we learn what the world is, how it works, how others work, and who we are – or at least, the interpretation our subconscious records regarding these “facts”. They will be different for each individual depending on that person’s unique life experience.

Negativity is learned and programmed through experience. In order to be a negative person, or to consistently think negatively, you have to be doing something very specific. You have to be able to consistently hold a negative view regardless of all efforts to be positive. The only way a person can pull that off is for their subconscious to have recorded and maintained references that prove the negative outlook. In other words, the person will need to have had experiences and feelings that support that way of thinking.

References and Records

A person who has experienced positive results from having a positive attitude will have a reference in their subconscious that being positive produces positive results. A person who has had experiences where they have shown a positive attitude; but have been let down, criticized, hurt, or in other ways experienced negative results will have references (proof) in their subconscious that being positive is dangerous.

This means that as that person goes through life, when their subconscious refers to its records, it will prompt the major organs in their body to produce stress chemicals that cause negative feelings – which trigger their conscious mind to think negative thoughts. In addition to this, the negative phrases that person learned from those around them growing up will be programmed into their subconscious and will come out without their needing to think about them consciously – just like you can recite the alphabet without needing to think about it. In fact, the majority of people are completely unaware of the automatic phrases they use and are surprised when they are pointed out.

The Effective Way to Change Negative Thinking Patterns

In order to change the habitual negative thinking and negative attitude, the original records held in the subconscious need to be changed. Simply replacing negative thinking with positive thinking is like writing a new phrase in pencil over the original phrase engraved into stone. It doesn’t change it, and the original phrase is still more prominent. In order to make the change effectively, you would need to file down the original phrase, and then engrave the new phrase in its place.

In order to effectively change negative thinking to positive thinking you would need to remove the original records and memories that support the negative state of mind, and replace them with records that support a positive state of mind. It’s all about changing the output by changing the source rather than trying to change the output superficially. Changing the original records will mean the new, positive thinking will occur naturally and automatically, without the person trying to be positive against their negative impulse.

Using FasterEFT, you can change the original records that support the negative state of mind, which will result in an automatic change in attitude and habitual thinking – naturally.

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