What Causes the Victim Mentality?

We’ve all heard of the victim mentality; and we know it causes unnecessary suffering. But what causes it? When a baby is born, he is completely at the mercy of those around him. He is helpless and relies on the people around him to survive. As he continues to experience life in the environment into which he’s been born his subconscious interprets his experiences, gives meanings to them, and files this data as “proof” of reality for future reference. For more details on this read: What Determines Your Character and Personality? and The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

Everything the baby experiences is the result of something outside of himself. He is treated in a certain way, he is taught certain things; the people and the world around him cause his experiences – everything outside himself causes the way he feels. Since this is the time when he is downloading data on who he is and how the world works, his experiences become a firm reality for him – his subconscious files this information as evidence of the “truth”. “They do it to me” and “I need them to give it to me.”

The Reason Our Default Setting is: Victim

As the baby grows, he gains more control over certain aspects of his life; but he still needs to get what he wants and needs from others. He is still at the mercy of those around him. If someone chooses to treat him badly, he suffers; if someone chooses to treat him kindly, he feels good. Everything he experiences is happening to him, caused by the world and people around him.

As the baby becomes a child, and that child becomes a teenager, and that teenager becomes an adult, the original programming is still in place. His subconscious is referring to the records it holds. And it is prompting his brain to trigger responses in his body. These responses subtly affect his conscious mind’s decisions, choices, actions, communication, responses, behavior, and reactions. These records are the “evidence” of what life is, who he is, and how the world works. They are evidence because they are based on real experience. And since they are hard facts as far as the subconscious is concerned, the subconscious will do whatever it takes to keep that individual in alignment with them.

It’s a Fact!

One of the core “facts” the subconscious is referring to is that he is at the mercy of the people and world around him. That fact was interpreted, processed and filed during the first few years of his life. And it has been reinforced ever since. The truth is, he is no longer a baby and is no longer at the mercy of the world and people around him. He has all the power – he is the only boss of himself. Every single moment is a choice for him. However, he is consciously unaware of this because he is conditioned to rely on, and respond to, the world and people around him. And because of that conditioning, his conscious mind will reason and use logic that supports the “reality” that the world around him determines his experiences.

For example, let’s imagine that someone tells him that every moment is his own choice. He may reply that he has to do certain things that are expected of him. The truth is – he is still making that choice. He is choosing to conform to those expectations. He has the choice to change his focus, change his mind, and choose his own feelings and reactions. But because of the original record (installed when he was a baby) that says he has no power, his conscious mind will come up with reasons why he has no power and no choice. However, the only reason this is true is because those records say it’s true.

The Result

Instead of making decisions on what he chooses to experience in his life, he automatically responds to what’s going on around him. Instead of taking the wheel of his own vehicle and deciding what he’s going to experience, he looks outside himself – expecting those around him to drive.

The great news is, once that person recognizes that the old data his subconscious is referring to is no longer valid, and that he is now completely in control of what he experiences in life, he can take that wheel and choose his route.  The next time he feels someone has done something to him, or something outside himself has caused him to feel something he doesn’t want to feel, he has the option to change that perspective. He has the option to choose his own response – automatically changing his own experience.

How to Take Back Control

In order to change the program from victim to boss, you need to change the original record that “proves” that you are at the mercy of the people and world around you. You need to change that evidence. Change it to proof that supports the fact that you have complete control over your own experience. The truth is: no-one can make you feel anything you choose not to feel – feelings happen in your own body. They are caused by chemicals. And you have the ability to learn to take control over how you feel. Using FasterEFT is the fastest, most effective way of doing this.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith (ghostwritten by Odille Rault)

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