What if it Comes Back?

When you’ve experienced transformations using FasterEFT, you may find yourself worrying: what if it comes back? This is a natural concern that many people have in the beginning. And there is a very simple way to deal with this fear.

The thought that the problem, whatever it may be, could return is just another program. You’ve cleared the records that supported the problem, and you’ve seen the problem go; now you are seeing the results of more records that need to be cleared and flipped.

The belief that the problem could come back is purely the result of the “evidence” you are holding in your subconscious, based on earlier life experiences. It is not real; it is just a belief based on programming.

Change the program, and you change the belief.

What if it Comes Back

What if it Comes Back?

Can the Problem Come Back?

The problem cannot come back on its own. Whatever the problem is, it is only able to be a problem if your subconscious contains the structure for it to be a problem. Suggested reading on this is The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

The problem can only come back if you provide that structure again. In other words, if you return to the same way of thinking, or there are other references inside your subconscious that are linked and are supporting the problem.

For example:

Jen had a phobia of spiders. She used FasterEFT to clear the original records in her subconscious that supported that phobia, and her brain no longer has a link between spiders and fight-freeze-or-flight.

However, if Jen starts to think about spiders in the same way – in other words, if she starts tormenting herself with images in her mind of spiders crawling on her (or whatever the representation of the phobia was before), she will be practicing and rewiring that connection again.

Repetition causes neural connections to become more permanent. Every thought you have is a connection between nerve cells in your neocortex. As you repeat a thought, that connection becomes stronger and more permanent – to allow the information to pass between the cells more quickly and effectively (this is how we learn intellectually).

Every thought causes a matching response of chemicals it the limbic part of the brain – these chemicals cause sensations we recognize consciously as feelings and emotions.

The Return of the Spiders

When Jen cleared and flipped her phobia of spiders using FasterEFT, she literally rewired the neural connections relating to spiders. If she starts to deliberately start thinking about spiders and reasons to fear them again – every time she thinks that way, she will be reconnecting spiders with the fight-freeze-or-flight response in her neocortex.

Every time she worries: What if it comes back? With repetition, these connections will once more become stronger and more permanent – and the response will become recorded in her subconscious again – resulting in the apparent “return” of her phobia of spiders.

Did Jen’s phobia come back? Not at all. She recreated it. It didn’t “go” anywhere, and it’s not a separate entity. Jen’s brain was wired to associate spiders with the fight-freeze-or-flight response; she rewired her brain, using FasterEFT, to no longer connect spiders with that stress response; and then she rewired it again to recreate that connection. Every thought you have is a neural connection. Repeating the same thought is strengthening that connection. You have the power to recreate your problems; and you have the power to refrain from recreating them. You are the only boss of you.

Another example:

Dayna also had a phobia of spiders. She used FasterEFT to change the data held in her subconscious that was causing the phobia, and she no longer feared spiders. Unlike Jen, Dayna did not recreate the phobia by consciously thinking frightening thoughts of spiders until it came back. However, although her phobia seemed to have gone, one evening, Dayna heard a rustling amongst a pile of papers, and immediately went into the old fight-freeze-or-flight state, expecting a spider.

The key here is that Dayna immediately started tapping – right then, in the moment, until the fear subsided and flipped. She moved the papers, and there was indeed a spider underneath them – a very big one. Dayna felt the fear again – and tapped again.

She looked at the spider, and tapped until the fear had disappeared. And then, feeling no fear, she caught the spider in a cup and released it in the garden.

So, what happened there?

Did Dayna’s phobia come back? Rather than returning, the phobia wasn’t completely cleared in the first place. There was still a connection in her subconscious relating to spiders. In this case it was probably the sound. When she used FasterEFT to clear her phobia, Dayna focused on the sight of spiders – she cleared all connections between the visual appearance of spiders and the stress state. At that stage she had no idea that her subconscious contained an audio file that was still connecting spiders with fight-freeze-or-flight.

What Makes the Difference?

Dayna could have panicked and tormented herself with: What if it comes back?. When she heard the rustling, and felt the fear, she could have immediately bought into the fear that her phobia had returned.

If she had done that, she would have recreated the connection between spiders and the stress state in her brain, through visually imagining the spider while feeling the fear. She would have continued to respond with fear, and allowed herself to be carried away with it – taking whatever action she used to take in the past, when she came across a spider.

Instead of thinking: what if it comes back, although she didn’t know why she was feeling the same fear even though she’d cleared the phobia, she knew that she needed to tap in the moment.

Dayna knew that whatever it was, she needed to clear it right there and then. She didn’t need to know what, why or how, and she didn’t buy into the belief her phobia had returned. All she needed to do was notice how she knew she was frightened; and notice where in her body she felt it and how strong it was. And then she used the FasterEFT Technique right then, to tap until it flipped.

She repeated the process until all of the fear had gone and she was able to catch the spider in a cup, calmly and without fear, and release it outside. In addition to this, Dana realized and acknowledged that she had just cleared a remaining link that her subconscious had been holding that connected spiders with fear.

What to Do if Your Problem Appears to Come Back

In the moment you notice that your problem appears to have returned and you find yourself asking “What if it comes back?”, remind yourself: it is not a separate entity and cannot “come back” on its own. Either you’ve unintentionally recreated it, or this is simply a sign that there’s another link to the original connection that wasn’t flipped before.

Notice how you know it’s there, and then tap it out. Use the FasterEFT process to tap until you flip whatever you’re experiencing. Don’t worry about how or why it’s there – the earlier you tap, the quicker and easier it is to clear it.

Once you’ve cleared it, you can then think back and ask yourself if you recreated it. Could you have been focusing on it or returning to your old thinking in some way. If this is the case, you know that you can make a conscious decision to refrain from doing that in the future. If you hadn’t recreated it; then you know that you’ve just had the opportunity to clear a link that was left behind. Either way you are in control.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith

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