What is Defractionation in Faster EFT and eutaptics® Trainings?


You may have heard Robert talk about defractionation in his videos, or you may have read it in an article, but what is it?


When Robert was developing FasterEFT, he was experimenting with a range of different self-development modalities.


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One of the subjects he explored in detail was hypnosis – in particular, the book “Monsters and Magical Sticks – There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis” by Steven Heller.


One of the techniques used in hypnosis, in order to take the subject into a trance, is called fractionation.


It is the process of alternating going into a light trance, and coming out of it briefly.


The reason for this is that each time the subject comes out of the trance, they go back deeper.


Defractionation is the opposite of this and is designed to break the trances we get into when we are suffering in any way.


“Defractionation is a pattern-interrupt with a desired outcome in mind.” – Robert G. Smith


The Trances We Inhabit

Although you may think of a trance as something that only happens under hypnosis; the truth is, we are constantly going in and out of trances.


Anything you do where you are not fully focused on the individual actions and decisions is something you’re doing in a trance.


When you wash the dishes, if you’re able to wash them without consciously focusing on each move and decision, you are in a trance during that time.


When you drive and can’t remember the journey, you were in a trance during that time.


And when you remember a bad memory and automatically feel the feelings without needing to consciously think about the details, you’re in a trance during that time.


When we react to the people around us, events, circumstances and incidents, without thinking first, we are in a trance.


Anything that is automatic for us is a trance state.


And this is fine – and essential in order to function effectively – unless it makes us feel bad, react badly, or take action that is detrimental to ourselves or others.


In other words, washing the dishes in a trance is great because it helps us to get the chore done more quickly and effectively; however, feeling hurt and angry because the next-door neighbor parked in our spot is not useful.


Have you ever reacted to something, and felt you had no choice – you couldn’t help how you felt.


Even if it seemed unreasonable, you couldn’t bring yourself to not feel the feeling?


That’s because it’s a trance.


In order to react differently in the moment, you need to break the trance.





Defractionation in FasterEFT

De-fractionation is a key part of the FasterEFT process, and one of the main reasons it is so effective.


Whereas a hypnotist will take a subject deeper into a trance by getting them to relax, then interrupting that relaxation by pulling them out of the trance briefly; and then taking them back into the relaxation again, deeper this time, then pulling them out again, and so on until they reach a deep trance, FasterEFT does the opposite.


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Since we are already in a deep trance when we are feeling the bad emotions, de-fractionation serves to break that trance.


Then, we go back to the bad feelings or memory briefly (going back into the trance briefly) and then we’re pulled out of it again – and each time we go back, the trance is lighter and less intense.


This process is repeated until we have completely broken the trance and can no longer get back into it.


This is when we are truly free.



How to Defractionate

In FasterEFT, the most common method of de-fractionation is tapping.


When you tap on the meridian points, focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin, you are using defractionation.


The tapping (as long as you pull your focus off the problem and focus on your fingers) causes you to break the trance of the emotions you were just in.


Although tapping is the method that is most commonly used, we also use a range of other techniques for defractionating in FasterEFT, and you can add your own.


Here are a few examples:

  • Humor and laughter
  • Asking unrelated questions
  • Making funny additions to memories
  • Confusion
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Watching something funny
  • Music
  • Physical activity (jumping jacks, push-ups etc.)

And so many more.


When you find yourself deep in your emotions and feeling overwhelmed, try some of these defractionation methods, or make up your own.


Whatever will pull you out of that trance of the emotions you’re  in – experiment and see what works best for you.


Whatever defractionation method you use, make sure you go back to the memory or issue to check what’s still left.


Don’t use the de-fractionation as an opportunity to escape from the problem.


There is no escape as long as you are carrying the core of it inside you.


So, be sure to go back to the memory or issue after you’ve defractionated, and check what’s still there.


Then defractionate again.


Repeat this – alternating between the de-fractionation and going back into the memory or thought – and you will notice that the trance is lighter and lighter, and it’s harder and harder to find.


Keep going until you can no longer find that feeling.


Then flip the memory.


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