What is Faster EFT Peace Journal?

When you first start using FasterEFT it can be tricky to know where to start. After all, there’s so much that has happened to you since you were born – so many memories to address.

While you may want to start with whatever the most pressing issues are for you right now, there is a tool that can help you to know where to go from there. A Peace Journal will give you a road map through your transformation journey.

What is a Peace Journal

Creating Your Road Map to Success

Choose a notebook in which you can write everything bad you remember happening to you. This may seem overwhelming at first; but once you start, it will flow more easily. It is important to avoid writing descriptions – no-one else needs to know what these memories are; just one or two words should be enough for you to recognize each one.

The idea is to simply make a note that will remind you of the different memories rather than relive them at this stage. Think of it as a shopping list you make for yourself – you don’t describe which peanut butter you need, what it looks like and what’s in it because when you see the words “Peanut butter” on your list, you know which one you mean. When you see the words “Math class punishment” – you’ll know which memory it was.

The easiest way for most people to create their Peace Journal is to start with their earliest memories, and make the list in chronological order. Make sure that you include memories that are not originally yours, but that you’ve been told by others.

You were too young to remember that you almost died in hospital when you were 9 months old; but if your mother told you about the event, you will have formed a representation of it in your mind – and it will have become your memory. The fact that the way you represent it in your own mind is not exactly as it happened is irrelevant.

Your subconscious and body don’t know the difference between reality and imagination; so, if it’s in your mind, it may as well have been real – make sure you include it in your Peace Journal.

Using Your Road Map

Although you don’t have to start working on the memories in chronological order – you could start anywhere – it can be useful to do so. The reason is, memories build on each other. And, the earliest memories are the foundation of your current experience.

Your life experiences are built on your earliest memories. Although you may have experienced a pattern like being abandoned all your life – and you may have many memories to support this theme – the later experiences will be based on your earliest experiences of feeling abandoned. When you change the foundations, very often, the later resources are automatically changed as well.

In other words, if you start with your earliest memory of feeling abandoned (or the earliest memory of being told a story that made you feel abandoned – perhaps your parents told you that you were in hospital in intensive care soon after you were born, and they weren’t allowed to be with you) you may find that when you get to your later memories of being abandoned, the emotional charge is less intense or has reduced altogether.

You’re Not Finished Until…

Make sure that you completely flip each memory before you move on to the next. Clearing the emotional charge is not enough – the memory needs to be different. Remember, your subconscious is using these memories as references – you want them to be as good and positive as possible, so that you’re able to enjoy the best results possible, in your life from now on.

If you find you are struggling with specific memories or issues, you may want to speak to a certified, approved FasterEFT Practitioner to get some help and support through the most challenging parts of your journey.

Why is it Called a Peace Journal?

The reason it’s called a Peace Journal is because the FasterEFT process is about making peace with what you hold within you. It’s about making peace with your representation of whatever you’ve experienced in your life. The memories noted in your Peace Journal is your “to-do” list for making peace.

Taking Care of Your New Memories

As you go through your Peace Journal, make a note of the new memory – the happy memory you’ve replaced the old one with – in your Happy Journal. This will help you to solidify and secure the new memory as real and true. This is the new data you want your subconscious to use as a reference.

Listen to Robert G. Smith, founder of FasterEFT, explain this process in detail:

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For guidance on how to use the FasterEFT technique, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

To watch videos on FasterEFT and to witness the transformations in others, visit the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

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