What’s the Point of Attending a Live FasterEFT Seminar

There are a lot of benefits to attending a live seminar; but here are the main considerations – along with why it’s worth prioritizing and how to make it happen. No matter what else is going on in your life, transforming the way your mind works will affect the results in all of those areas. Imagine you have to clean all of the carpets in your house – they’re a mess. And you have a bucket, detergent, water, and a sponge. And you’re scrubbing as hard as you can, inch by inch to get them clean. You’re feeling pressure because you have people coming to visit in the next couple of days and you need to get these carpets cleaned and dried in time. But it’s such hard work. And the dog and kids keep traipsing in more mud as you clean.


I Don’t Have the Time

You’ve heard about a carpet cleaning machine that works really quickly. All you would need to do is take some time out to go to the supplier, learn how to operate it, and then bring it back home and use it. But you feel you need to get these carpets cleaned first because the guests are coming in a couple of days, and the dog and the kids are making things more difficult – you need to get them sorted out…. And you don’t have time to go down to the supplier and learn how to use a carpet cleaning machine.

Now, if you stopped for a moment, went to the supplier, learned how to operate the machine and then brought it back home and used it to clean your carpets, you would have clean carpets long before your guests arrived. You would also not be feeling so stressed and tired – which would mean you’d be able to deal with the dog and the kids more calmly, efficiently and effectively. Stress-free super-clean carpets in a fraction of the time it would take you to scrub them by hand.

A FasterEFT seminar is the same. Whatever challenges you’re dealing with right now, taking some time out to attend a Transformational Weekend or Level 1 Training will give you the turbo-boost you need to resolve those challenges faster and more effectively. There are solutions and options you are currently unable to see because you’re in the middle of your “stuff”. Learning how your mind works and getting practice in transforming your limiting habits, beliefs, emotional and physical challenges will enable you to return to your life with a powerful new tool – the carpet cleaning machine instead of the bucket and sponge!

I Don’t have the Money

Since you already have the bucket and sponge it will not cost you any extra money to continue to use them; the carpet cleaning machine will cost you some money, but it would save you immeasurable time and money in the long run. The stress and pressure of scrubbing all of that carpet on your hands and knees, bit by bit, while dealing with the extra stress and conflict with the kids and the dog would affect your physical health as well as your ability to work effectively in other areas in your life. The medical bills and long-term negative effects on your children are likely to be significantly more expensive than the carpet cleaning machine.

Attending a live FasterEFT seminar can empower you to free yourself from whatever financial patterns you’ve been experiencing in your life so far. Clearing those will open you up to more positive, healthier habits and experiences with money. In addition to this, when you are feeling stressed and worried, the prefrontal cortex of your brain is not working optimally. This means that you will be less likely to notice opportunities and make effective decisions than you would if you weren’t stressed. Stress affects your judgement, your problem-solving abilities and your ability to take action and follow through on projects. It affects your productivity, creativity and physical energy.

Prioritizing investing in a live FasterEFT seminar can result in not only gaining relief from whatever is currently bothering you, but lasting changes in the way you think about and handle your finances. It can give you the tools to improve your financial situation and break the old patterns.

Use FasterEFT to Clear the Resistance

If you are still feeling resistance to attending a seminar, use the FasterEFT technique to clear it. This resistance is the way your subconscious keeps you in alignment with what you currently hold – the beliefs about yourself and the “truth” that you are currently carrying. For more information on resistance read: What You Need to Know About Resistance.

Think about why you feel you can’t or don’t want to attend a seminar, and notice how you know it’s true. Notice what thoughts and memories come up, and notice how you feel. Then use the FasterEFT technique to flip those memories and feelings. You will find that as you do, solutions, options and opportunities will occur to you that will allow you to take the most significant step in transforming your life.

Do what it takes to empower yourself to achieve your dreams.
You’re worth it!

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