What to Do When Things Go Wrong

If you’ve been using FasterEFT, and you’ve found it’s been helping you, and then you find that after a while, things go wrong and the symptoms or other problems return, here’s what’s happening and what you can do about it. When you experience the return of the problems you thought you had resolved using FEFT, it can seem like you’re going backwards and it didn’t work. However, here’s what’s really happening – and how you can make sure that you get the long-term results that you really want.

When you start cleaning stuff out with FasterEFT, you are restructuring your brain and causing changes in your core subconscious beliefs. Your subconscious does not have the ability to reason or use logic – it is like a computer – it simply does what it’s programmed to do.

Subconscious Programming

From the time you are born, your subconscious collects data from experiences. It is designed to collect information from everything you experience, interpret it, and file it as a reference. The purpose of this is to enable you to learn to function and survive within whatever environment you’ve found yourself. The information your subconscious is holding as proof of your reality is interlinked and forms various connections.

This data, in the form of memories (the vast majority of which you don’t remember consciously of course) supplies the proof and evidence of your “reality”. The combination of the recorded experience and the feelings that are attached to it provide proof that is convincing and feels undeniably real. This is what makes changing beliefs so difficult – they seem completely real because they feel real and you have memories to support that reality.

Why Problems Sometimes Appear to “Come Back”

When you change a particular record or memory (the “proof” your subconscious is referring to) you have dismantled a specific belief. However, there may be other beliefs that support that same problem. For example: If you have a fear of success, you may use FasterEFT to flip a memory of an experience when you were a teenager – where you were shunned by your friends because you were cast as the lead in a school play. And that may have provided a significant part of the proof that success is detrimental to relationships. After you’ve cleared that belief, you may notice a change in the way you approach success for a while – you may notice a difference in how you feel about success.

Then, after a while, you may start to notice that you are still blocking success in some way – you can’t seem to get yourself to take the action you know you need to take in order to achieve the success you desire. This may be the point at which you think that FasterEFT didn’t work for you – because you still appear to have “self-sabotage” and you still haven’t been able to get yourself to achieve the success you’ve been aiming at.

The reason for this is not that FasterEFT didn’t work – it is the fact that there are other records that are supporting that particular belief. Your subconscious is no longer referring to that memory of being shunned by your friends after being cast as the lead in your school play – but it does still have other references that support the belief that success is detrimental.

This means that instead of giving up on the process, you need to clear each memory that comes up – whenever you notice something bothering you (even if it seems to have nothing at all to do with success) tap it out – and as you clear and flip each one, you will find that you start to see the results you are hoping for. Once you have flipped each of the memories that support that belief, you will no longer experience the same resistance to taking the actions and making the decisions that will lead you to success.

How Will You Know Which Beliefs to Address?

Simply notice how you know you still have the problem. Notice what’s bothering you in the moment, and how you know it bothers you. Your subconscious will bring up any memories and beliefs that are connected to it automatically – and then you can flip them.

Connections and Links

Think of a garden that is completely overgrown with all kinds of plants and weeds. Some of these weeds are creepers with many different tendrils. Some of the plants are trees that have many long, entangled roots. So, you start to work to clear the garden. You come across a weed, and you start to remove it – you pull out the root, and remove the weed. When it grows back, you don’t give up and leave the garden to continue to deteriorate – you realize that there are other tendrils that need to be removed and start to work on clearing those.

When you remove the root of a tree, and the tree is still standing, you know there must be more roots that need to be removed. Seeing your mind as an overgrown garden will help you to keep clearing it out rather than expecting one or two sessions to fix everything. If you clear something, and then it appears to come back later, it means that there are more tendrils or roots attached to it – just clear those too. And as you continue to clear, you will start to see results.

With a garden that’s very overgrown, you won’t notice results for a while as you work to clear the various individual plants and weeds, but you’ll get to a point where you’ll start to see a difference. Every now and then you’ll find a creeper that, as you pull it out, it clears a whole section. In the same way, every now and then you’ll find a belief that provides the foundation to several different problems in your life – and as you clear it, you’ll see a difference in those areas. But the key is to keep clearing until you see the results you want.

The Bottom Line:

If you feel your symptoms or problems have returned, don’t give up – it’s only an indication that there are more records that support that particular problem. Simply clear those too as they come up. Keep going – if you give up, it’s like removing one section of that overgrown garden and then deciding it’s not working because the entire garden hasn’t been cleared. If you really want change, then you need to keep clearing until your garden looks the way you want it to look – until your life looks the way you want it to look.


Naturally, you don’t clear an overgrown garden, make it look good, and then leave it untouched and expect it to stay as it is. You need to maintain it – you need to keep removing weeds and pruning plants. It’s the same with your mind. Once you have changed the big stuff, you need to tap regularly as things come up that bother you in order to keep living the life you want to live. Just as you would maintain a garden. Luckily, tapping doesn’t take much time and is a lot less strenuous than gardening! It’s very simple and easy to include tapping in your daily life – even if it’s just mental tapping.

If you really want to turn an overgrown patch of ground into a beautiful garden, you need to keep clearing it until you have removed all of the weeds and the other plants you don’t want, and can then plant the flowers and seeds you do want. If you really want to change your life and create the life you want, you need to keep using FasterEFT to clear the problems you don’t want so that you can replace them with the ideas, beliefs and memories you do want.

Check List:

  1. Make sure you are using the technique correctly – just as you would need to make sure you are using your gardening tools correctly. If you have the pruning shears upside down, or you’re using them incorrectly, you’re not going to achieve the results you want. Read through the articles in the: Tips on Using FasterEFT category and watch the videos in the FasterEFT YouTube Channel to make sure you are using the technique correctly.
  2. Remind yourself that only you are responsible for your experiences. Even though it may seem like the world and people around you have an effect on how you feel, it is only your reaction to them that causes your feelings. You can change your reaction (even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes) – you can change your reaction by tapping in the moment.
  3. Read through the articles in The FasterEFT Belief System category to make sure you understand how it works and that you are maintaining the approach that works.
  4. Remind yourself that if you’re not seeing results or if your problem comes back it’s because there are still other records that support that problem (that provide your subconscious with “proof” that it’s true) – and you simply need to remove those. Just like a gardener with weeds.

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