What to Say When Tapping Using Faster EFT

Many people ask what to say when tapping. One of the great things about FasterEFT is that there are no scripts or phrases to work out or learn.
All you really need to say when you are tapping is “Let it go” and “It’s safe to let it go.” The core of this technique (as you may have guessed ? ) is letting it go. There is no strict wording you need to follow, as long as the basic idea is letting it go.


What Does This Mean?

This means that you can vary the words as much as you like along the theme of letting it go.

For example:

“I release and let go of this pain.”

“It’s okay to let this go now.”

“It’s time to let it go.”

“I’m safe as I’m letting it go.”

“I don’t need it anymore, and it’s safe to let it go.”

“I’m allowed to let this go now.”

“It’s safe to let go of this pressure.”

“I’m okay to let go of this anxious feeling in my stomach.”

“I release and let go of the anger.”

Say whatever comes into your head along the lines of letting it go.

Key Points to Bear in Mind:

  • Take aim at the problem simply by noticing how you know it’s a problem. What does it feel like and where do you feel it? If there are any visual or audio representations, just notice those too.
  • While you are tapping, focus on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin rather than on the problem.
  • Keep tapping until the problem has gone or the memory has flipped.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith (ghostwritten by Odille Rault)


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