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When you start to make any kind of change to yourself you will come across resistance. If you try to become healthier, you will notice that after a while you begin to find excuses for returning to the old habits. If you are able to remain true to your decisions, you may find that you become ill or sustain an injury that prevents you from continuing to exercise, or you may find you experience an increase in stress that results in your being too tired to cook, ordering take-out instead.


The subconscious beliefs we hold are supposed to keep us safe. Our survival, as far as the subconscious is concerned relies on maintaining the status quo. Change is risky, and poses a threat to survival; so the subconscious is designed to do whatever it takes to keep things as they are.

How it Works

When you choose to do something, it may feel as though you are making the decision consciously; but the truth is: your subconscious prompts your brain to signal your organs to produce chemicals. These chemicals create sensations in your body that make you feel certain emotions. However, the conscious mind does not recognize these sensations as chemicals and it responds to them without awareness. This is the way the subconscious is able to keep us on track according to the beliefs it holds without interference from the conscious mind.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have a core subconscious belief that people always abandon you. The reason you have this belief is that your subconscious interpreted your early life experiences and filed the data as “proof”. Your experience has always adhered to this “truth”. You seem to end up in relationships with people who eventually leave you; you find yourself being abandoned by friends, family and others in different scenarios – all with the same theme if you were to compare them.

Now, let’s say you realize this is the case, and so you decide to start changing this pattern within yourself. You choose to get into a relationship with someone who is loyal and reliable. The problem is: your subconscious programing is still set to abandonment. This means your current conscious choices are not in alignment with what your subconscious holds as true.

You subconscious will begin to “correct the course” by prompting your brain to signal your organs to produce chemicals that cause specific feelings. These feelings may be irritation, frustration, anger, or doubt. They may inhibit endorphins and other feel good chemicals causing you to lose the feeling of love for the person you’re with. Or perhaps they cause you to become attracted to someone else – someone who fits the pattern. They may make you feel down for no apparent reason, or jealous, or any other form of stressed emotion.

Keeping the Status Quo

There will be one or more of these emotional states that will derail your current relationship in some way. In the meantime, the conscious mind is oblivious to what is really causing these feelings and will reason that it is the other person or some other force outside the self that is causing the problem. Once that thought process begins, the cycle is set in motion – the thoughts caused by the feelings cause more of the same chemicals to be produced – maintaining and increasing the feelings.

Eventually, if the conscious mind remains unaware of what is really happening and simply follows the emotional cues, the relationship will finally end and you will be back on course for a relationship in which you will be abandoned again in some way. You may reason that you’re only attracted to people who abandon you – and you would be right, but it is only because of the subconscious correcting your course according to what it holds. Change the record held in the subconscious and you will change the type of person you’re attracted to.

This is the resistance to change. Your subconscious registered that there was a danger you were going to end up in a relationship that did not fit the pattern of abandonment. And since the subconscious, like a computer, is unable to reason and knows nothing of “right and wrong” it responded by doing whatever it took to cause you to change course in order to protect the status quo.

An Example of How this Applies to Making Changes Using FasterEFT

Let’s say you suffer from an anxiety disorder. This means that your status quo is a state of anxiety. The cause of this will be a record held in your subconscious that “proves” that this is the state you need to be in in order to remain safe. While you may consciously know this is not true, to the subconscious it is a cold hard fact – your existence would be at stake if you were to no longer have this disorder.

Remember, the subconscious has no ability to reason or judge right from wrong – it only follows what it is programmed to do. And at some point in your life, through experience, your subconscious has been programmed with the “fact” that the only way for you to be safe is for your body to be in a state of fight, freeze or flight – even when there is no physical threat.

Now, let’s say you’ve found FasterEFT and you start to work on the anxiety using this technique. You may well experience very quick results – many people do. However, if the record held in the subconscious is more complex – if it involves different aspects and references to danger and peril – the subconscious is going to be more determined to protect you from changing it. In other words, the higher the risk, according to the subconscious records, the harder it is to change the record. Naturally, makes sense.

The Role of the Subconscious

If you were in a boat on the ocean and someone wanted to change the sails, you might reluctantly agree. If, however, they wanted to drill a hole in the bottom of the boat, you would fight a lot harder to prevent them from doing it. The increase in the level of threat would cause you to become more determined. The subconscious is the same. The higher the perceived risk, the harder it will work to prevent you from taking the action that will make the changes.

So, you’re using FasterEFT, and as you begin to get close to changing the belief that anxiety is the safest state – as you begin to let go of the record that “proves” that anxiety is essential for your survival – your subconscious will begin to step-up the defenses to cause you to stop making the changes it considers a threat to your very existence.

There are many different ways it could achieve its goal to “protect” you from yourself. One of those might be to cause you to feel doubt, irritation, an increase in the anxiety, nausea, anger – and an entire range of other possible emotions. The conscious mind will automatically put thoughts to these emotions in order to give them reason. The result? You believe the technique isn’t working; perhaps you believe it’s making the problem worse; you feel too tired to do it; or you decide it’s dangerous; or you reason that nothing ever works for you… you get the idea!

The Solution

So, what can you do about resistance? You have three options:

  1. Give in to it and give up using the technique. This of course will ensure that you maintain your problems as they are. You may try something else; but you will experience the same kind of resistance as soon as you get close to real change.
  1. Push through the resistance with force and determination. This will most likely cause an increase in the upheaval and may make things much worse for you before they get better.
  1. The third option is the most effective and reliable. Tap on the resistance itself. If you needed to get into a building and there was a vicious guard dog at the door, you wouldn’t push through the guard dog and continue to try to open the door. Well, you could, but you’d end up with some serious injuries. Instead, you would address the dog first. You would deal with the creature that is blocking your path first; and only once that has been solved would you move on to your real goal.

It is the same with FasterEFT. You may be wanting to get rid of your anxiety disorder, but if resistance kicks in – that’s the guard dog – you’ll need to deal with that first before you’ll be able to get anywhere near the anxiety issue.

In addition to addressing the resistance, it is very important to be very gentle with yourself. Remember, your subconscious is resisting the change out of fear. You cannot force fear out of someone; fear needs to be calmed. Treat yourself as you would a child who is frightened of going to the dentist. You know the child has to go for their own sake, and you would gently reassure them it’s okay. Do the same for yourself. Reassure the subconscious part of you (the child in you) that this change is safe. And you do that by gently tapping it out with plenty of reassuring “It’s safe to let this go” and “I’m okay as I’m letting this go”.

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