When You Can’t Let Go

Letting go of the things that are holding us back is essential for healing and moving forward. However, some things are easier to let go of than others. For some people, letting go means more than freeing themselves; it can mean betrayal, giving up, condoning or agreeing with things or people that have caused harm, forgetting a loved one, or taking risks. The truth is that however letting go of something may seem to you, your perspective is a belief and not necessarily the truth. The way you feel about letting go of a particular idea, belief, memory, incident, person etc. will be determined by the beliefs you already hold. And those can be changed.

Why Should You Let Go?

If what you’re holding on to doesn’t feel good, you need to let it go. The fact that it doesn’t feel good means more than simply feeling bad – it means that it is affecting your life in ways you are probably completely unaware of. It means that you are holding “proof” of whatever it is, and your subconscious is referring to it to determine your entire life perspective, your actions, decisions, productivity, creativity, communication, problem-solving skills, health – and so much more!

Letting go of what doesn’t feel good, and replacing it with what does feel good is the only way to free yourself to live a more fulfilling and happier life. Imagine you’re in a river – a fast-flowing, treacherous river; you’re holding onto a sharp rock that is keeping you from being swept down the river and possibly drowning. Then you notice a life belt someone has thrown into the river nearby. You have to let go of the sharp rock that is cutting and scraping you, causing you pain, in order to grab onto the life belt and be pulled to safety.

You cannot grab the life belt unless you let go of the rock. Now, the idea of letting go of the rock can be scary – it may feel like if you let go of the rock you’ll die – but the truth is, the life line is right there. You only have to reach out and grab it – but you must let go of the rock to do that.

How to Let Go – Using FasterEFT

Take a moment to focus on how much you don’t want to let go – focus on the feeling of resistance to letting go and the reasons you have for holding on. Go to a memory, if you have one, that provides evidence of why you shouldn’t let go. Then use the FasterEFT process to clear those feelings and flip the memory.

The opportunity to transform your life by allowing yourself to let go of the sharp rocks and grab the life line is there – you only need to make the choice to take it!

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