Who’s Controlling You? Faster EFT Will Put You In Control

What or who outside of yourself is currently controlling the way you feel?


It may seem that you have no choice, no power to overcome that control; but the truth is, you have all the power – you just may not know how to use it yet.


There is nothing and no-one outside of you that can have control over you unless you allow it.


Now, you may think that you already have control; however, if there is anyone or anything that causes you to react negatively in any way, that person or thing has control over you.


If there are words that offend you, politicians that frustrate you, people that you find annoying or rude, social media posts that irritate you, a song you hate, pet peeves, or anything else that makes you feel any kind of negative emotion, you are being controlled by that thing or person.


As long as something outside of you can make you feel a negative emotion, it is controlling you.


It’s time to take your control back!

Who's Controlling You

How to Take Back Your Control

The first (and most important) step to taking complete control of your own experiences in life is to understand and accept that you have the power to do so; and that everything you experience is the result of something inside you rather than anything outside of yourself.


That may be a difficult idea to accept at first – and it may seem ridiculous – but if you really want to transform your life, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the possibility.



What If?

Just suspend disbelief for a moment, and imagine this: What if everything you experience is actually caused by something inside you?


You may find that your first reaction to that thought is resistance.


You may find yourself feeling annoyed, irritated, defensive, or dismissing the idea as absurd.


But, just bear with me for a moment.


What if absolutely everything you experience in your life is the result of something inside you?


This is not an esoteric question; it’s a perfectly down-to-earth, logical one.


The great news is that if everything you experience in life is caused by something inside you, that means you have more control than you thought.


You don’t need to try to persuade or force or beg, or make anyone or anything outside of you change if the cause of everything you experience is inside yourself.


And the even better news is, there is a very fast and effective way to make the changes inside yourself – and this will result in the changes in your experience of life occurring automatically!



How Can All Your Life Experiences be Caused by Something Inside You?

It sounds outrageous and impossible, doesn’t it?


Everything outside yourself is clearly independent of you.


That rude person you met today, who pushed in front of you in line at the store was quite obviously acting on his own accord.


You did absolutely nothing to cause his behavior!


The idiot who posted racist jokes on social media was certainly not acting under your instructions!


The snow storm that caused your flight to be delayed was definitely not your doing!


So, what kind of a weird, woo-woo idea is this that everything you experience in your life is caused by something inside you?

The Answer:

Our experiences are caused by our perceptions.


We experience through feelings – through sensations, many of which we recognize as emotions – and those feelings rely completely on our perceptions.


Our perceptions are based on the beliefs we hold – which are made up of other experiences.


Memories, which contain feelings and “proof”, form the basis of our understandings and perceptions.


…. Wait.




If you think about it, you’ll have become aware at some point in your life that not everyone feels the same way about stuff.


Some people, for example, are so “ignorant” they wouldn’t mind those racist jokes.


It wouldn’t bother them.


Some are so “wimpy” they wouldn’t mind that person pushing in front of them in line in the store.


Some are so “laid-back” or don’t have the pressure and deadlines you do, that the delayed flight wouldn’t bother them at all.


This, of course, may be your perception – or not.


The Difference Between a Problem and a Simple Plot-Twist

To one person, someone pushing in front of them in line may mean that he is in a hurry and must really need that spot more than they do.


To another person, he’s being disrespectful, arrogant and rude.


To one person, the racist social media posts are inflammatory, hateful and unforgiveable.


Another person may see them, recognize them as something they don’t want in their lives; and either ignore them, or defriend the person without putting any meaning to the posts or feeling any negative emotions.


One person may feel stressed, frustrated and furious that their flight has been delayed, another may feel that if there’s nothing they can do about it, there’s no point in fighting the situation emotionally.


That person may, instead, look for the best way to make the most of the time they need to wait, to find a positive by-product of the delay.


The difference in perceptions, caused by the different memories or references held in the subconscious, will determine the differences in how each person experiences an event, incident, circumstance or interaction.



So, Who’s Right?

There is no right or wrong.


None of these perceptions is right or wrong – it’s only about what you want to experience.


To one person, feeling negative emotions about something they perceive as wrong, is the right thing to do.


To another person, feeling those negative emotions doesn’t make sense because those bad feelings don’t actually do anything to make the wrong situation right; and they’d rather not experience the repercussions of feeling bad.


It’s only about choice.


It’s only about whether or not you want to be in control of how you feel.


Choosing to not be in control of how you feel is not wrong; it’s just a preference. Some people like horror movies, others prefer comedies.


It’s all about choosing the experiences you want – and realizing that it is as much of a choice as the movies you watch.



The Steps to Taking Back Your Control

Step One

Read these two articles: How Does FasterEFT Work – The Science Behind FasterEFT and How to do the Faster EFT Tap – The Basic Recipe.


Step Two

Pick the thing that is bothering you most at the moment.


Notice how you know it bothers you; then use the FasterEFT technique to address it and flip it. Don’t stop until you are not only no longer bothered by it, but you have actually flipped it.


Step Three

From now on, whenever something bothers you, no matter what it is, use the Faster EFT technique to clear it.


Remember, if you want control over what you experience in your life, you need to change what you hold inside you.


You can’t control people, situations, issues and circumstances outside you effectively and consistently; but you can change what you hold inside you that causes you to be bothered by them.


And the fascinating part of this is: Once you are no longer bothered by something, you’ll find it often ceases to show up in your life.


You change what you experience by changing what you hold.


Here are a few resources to get you started:

How to Change Yourself – The Basics

Level 1 Training

This course is for anyone that wants a better life.


It is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes.


In this course you will learn how the mind works, how we process information and the foundation of tapping and the thinking system of Eutaptics / FasterEFT.


Eutaptics / FasterEFT is a powerful system that helps people make profound changes in their lives.


Anyone can use these cutting-edge techniques and processes to overcome life’s biggest problems, past traumas, emotional issues, bad habits, chronic pain, or even diseases in the body.


Robert Smith has helped hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives and the lives of others.


Now it is your turn to take the reins of your life to become the best version of yourself you can be.



Book your spot: Yes, I Want To Change My Life



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