Who’s Doing it to You Now?

We’ve all had bad experiences – some more than others – and very often the memories of those experiences haunt us for life. There’s an important awareness that can help to change your perspective of these memories and reduce the effect they have on you. It may seem obvious, but taking a moment to acknowledge this can create a surprising effect in how you feel. It’s all you. The event you are remembering is over now – it’s no longer happening – and considering whoever was involved cannot fit inside your head, it is now YOU doing it to you.

In other words, if someone betrayed you, each time you remember that betrayal and feel the feeling of being betrayed, it is now YOU who is causing that feeling, not the other person. It is you betraying you in your mind over and over because each time you allow yourself to think of that event, your brain signals your body to produce the feeling of betrayal again – as if it is happening now. Only you are in your mind, no-one else; and only you can choose to entertain that memory or change it so that it no longer bothers you.


Whenever you remember an event where someone hurt you, it is now you running the show. It’s your mind and your memory. You are choosing to replay it, and you are playing all of the characters this time round. And you have the power to change it. Using the FasterEFT technique to change your bad memories to make them into good ones is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

You may not have had a choice in experiencing the original event, but you do have a choice in whether you replay it in your mind or not. It is your choice now to continue using it to hurt yourself or to use FasterEFT to let it go.

To find out how to use the FasterEFT process to let go of your bad memories, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step or watch FasterEFT Video 69

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