Why FasterEFT Works in Changing Core Beliefs where Other Methods May Fail

Changing core subconscious beliefs is not easy to do. The reason for this is that the primary job of the subconscious is to keep us safe; and the records that the subconscious holds are its guidance to how to keep us safe. The fact that the subconscious is not able to reason or use logic, or recognize right and wrong makes it impossible to change these beliefs through conscious reasoning. In fact, trying to use reason and logic to change those core beliefs would be like trying to change a program on your computer by trying to reason with it.

Core Beliefs vs Symptoms

Many self-help modalities address the symptoms of these core beliefs – the issues and problems that result from these records. And sometimes this can help in certain situations. However, unless you change the original record (the original program) the symptoms are likely to reoccur in different ways. Changing the original records results in the symptoms changing automatically and naturally – without the need to consciously put effort into forcing anything.

Why Does FasterEFT Work so Effectively?

The FasterEFT process is designed to work with the subconscious to access and change the original records your subconscious is referring to as “proof” of your unique reality. For example, if you have a fear of speaking in public, while other modalities and methods may address the symptom – in other words, how you speak, helping your confidence and technique, and addressing various details of speaking in public, FasterEFT goes directly to the original cause and changes that. If you have a fear of speaking in public, it means that one or more of your past experiences have caused your subconscious to connect some aspect of speaking in front of other people with a physical threat to your survival.

This is why, when you think about speaking in public, you feel the physical sensations of the fight, freeze or flight emergency state. Your subconscious is prompting your brain to trigger your organs to produce stress chemicals. These chemicals have a physiological effect on your body that causes the feelings of fear. Since this is a response that is designed to ensure your physical safety and survival it is near to impossible to override it using the conscious mind’s reasoning and logic. It is not a mental response, it is physiological.

Instead of addressing those symptoms, FasterEFT works with your subconscious to access the original record – the event or events that the subconscious has recorded – and changes the meaning of those events. The result is: when your subconscious accesses those records from now on, in response to speaking in public, there is no need for it to trigger the fight or flight response. And as a result, you feel calm and no longer experience the anxiety and fear.

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