Why You Should Become A Eutaptics Practitioner

Eutaptics training is unlike any other in the world.


Before our Eutaptics Practitioners are intensely trained, they themselves have to prove this system works for themselves.


It’s not just about reading a bunch of documents and fulfilling the requirements – it’s about witnessing real time change in their own lives before helping others.


Eutaptics certification can’t be purchased; it’s got to be earned.


Every Eutaptics Practitioner has not only achieved outstanding results in his or her own life, but will be receiving top quality education and training throughout 4 levels of training to become some of the most highly skilled professionals around.


Our rigorous Eutaptics training and selection process is part of what sets our practitioners apart from others.


If you’re thinking about becoming certified in Eutaptics then you’ll not only become a life coach, but a trusted friend who delivers results and not just promises.


That’s what Eutaptics training is all about.



Is FasterEFT and Eutaptics The Same?

FasterEFT is the modality.


Eutaptics is the professional training system for people who want to become practitioners.


Eutaptics Practitioners use FasterEFT in their sessions, but the teachings are deeper and more focused on how to work with clients.


FasterEFT is available for those looking for personal development tools.



Eutaptics Training Requirements

FasterEFT has been evolving for many years and there have been important changes in our training systems.


Although we have been communicating many of these changes over the last 2-3 years, we realized the importance of providing an overview of how this will affect all of our former practitioner certifications.


The Skills to Change Training Committee has developed an informational video, a Transition document and Transition mind map to help explain and clarify the current requirements for our Practitioner Training System, Eutaptics.


If you were trained as a Track A or Track B FasterEFT Practitioner prior to 2016, this information is vital to your current certifications.


Click on the link below to review the transition material:


Eutaptics Training Requirements – Transition Information


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