Year 2017: Faster EFT Tips on Health and Wealth

The holidays will definitely keep you busy with parties, commitments and shopping. Before you know it, 2017 arrives and another monumental year is left forgotten in the past. If 2017 is getting you agitated about some major changes in the political, personal and economic landscape, drop the worries and allow FasterEFT to help.

As the news channels continue to predict meltdowns and changes around the world, and at home in the US Economy, so do the dreams and hopes of many people. But worrying won’t do you any good. In fact, too much worrying actually puts your health at great risk.

That is why it is best to spend this last month of 2016 to keep your health and wealth in check as you enjoy the upcoming Holidays. Besides ‘tis the season to be jolly!

happy-new-year-2017-wallpaper_16These are some practical Faster EFT tips to welcome the year of abundance, 2017:


1. Drop the talk about politics

Much of 2016 has been spent with an emphasis on politics. It seemed like Clinton and Trump had occupied the minds of the majority of the American people. To some, the election campaign period and then the election results, caused so much stress that it seemed to have found its way to be linked to their daily routine.

The good news is, it is over. Trump is the President-Elect and the best way to recover from this post-election stress disorder is to finally release and let go. This is the perfect time to use the Faster EFT technique to release all the tension brought about by all the politicking.

Dropping or indeed stopping talking about politics is not being rude or sarcastic in anyway. This is a practical way for anyone to be able to focus more on their personal lives. Imagine the endless hours spent by talking about the election and how much hate, anger and unpleasant emotions take over the persons involved in the argument.

While it remains true that politics is a major precursor to the quality of our lives, it also is the number one topic that creates division among the people. Use your time wisely and tap the negative memories brought about by the election, and leave all the stress behind.

2. Review Your 2016 Journal

Remember the journal you started at the beginning of the year? Well, in case you religiously kept to it, this is the best time for recollection. Identify the highlights of this past year and also note those events that were unpleasant. Use the remaining weeks of this year to completely let go of bad memories and events.

Letting go of memories is best done through Faster EFT tapping as it allows you to reimprint good memories over bad or traumatic ones. There’s a lot to remember about this past year, but the same is true that there are plenty of memories that need to be reimprinted to welcome the new year with an attitude of joy and happiness.

3. Health Check: Diet

Worried about the extra pounds you might gain during the Holidays? Allow FasterEFT to help. Conquer emotional and holiday overeating by applying proven and healthy techniques to lose weight naturally. All the parties and the good food is used as a great excuse by most emotional overeaters to forget about their diet plans and health.

This is the perfect time to practice your mental strength over those types of food that makes you feel powerless. Use the FasterEFT weight-loss specific techniques to combat the memories and emotions that lead you to overindulge.


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4. Leave Negative Mindsets Behind

In reality, changes don’t need to happen only during the new year. Life transformations can happen anytime of the year at any hour, the moment you decide on allowing it. But as a culture, we love to mark each year as a new beginning, the promises of another year as we hang a new calendar on our walls.

There is nothing wrong with traditions such as a New Year’s resolution. It is great to think and expect positive changes. Nonetheless, no changes will occur unless we mean to change what we want to resolve.

And by that, we mean programming yourself mentally to make the changes. Otherwise, what we will experience will be temporary effects of the new year. As positivity dies down, by February most people are back to their old habits and mindsets that do not really support any of their new year’s resolution list.

How to really make a new year’s resolution? Affirmations works great. But there are certain things that cannot be achieved by affirmations alone. Simply because, unless your unconscious and subconscious are aligned to those changes you wish to consciously accomplish, there is a little chance for change.

The best way is to really dig deeper into the mind through the Faster EFT life transformation programs to make sure that your affirmations are powered by emotions, and no negative mental patterns and thought structures are linked with your affirmations. By doing so, you allow positive transformations to naturally occur and every time you say an affirmation, the universe will conspire to make that happen.

5. Welcome Wealth

Welcome wealth in the coming year with a healthier and wealthier mindset about money. The importance and value of money varies from one person to another, it depends so much on our personal beliefs about money.

In order to achieve wealth and abundance, it is important that the person first shift their wealth mindsets. Otherwise any thoughts with a negative emotion about the subject of money will directly affect the flow of money into one’s life.


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