You Know You’re Healed When…

How do you know when you’ve cleared an issue or a problem? When you’re able to go back to the person, situation, circumstance, event etc. that used to trigger you and you no longer feel the old feelings. If you do find yourself experiencing the same response as before, tap it out in the moment. If you’re with people, or are busy doing something else, use Mental Tapping – whatever you do, make sure that you address it in the moment to clear any remaining remnants of the old records.

Relationship Issues

Use the FasterEFT technique to address the memories you have that bother you regarding each person in your life, including those who are no longer around. Go through your family in particular, and anyone else you grew up with, and clear up all of the memories you have with each person. Then go back and check – when you think of that person and any memories you have of them, how do you feel? Are there any bad feelings left? If so, tap them out until they flip. Then, see how you respond when you engage with that person or someone talks about them. Pay careful attention to the way you’re feeling. If there is anything that bothers you, notice it and tap it out in the moment (using Mental Tapping if you are unable to tap physically).

Health Issues

Address your health issues by aiming at all emotional problems. Naturally, you need to see your doctor and follow the professional medical advice you’re given; and in addition to this, address all of the memories that bother you. Start with those that are either connected to or happened around the same time as your physical symptoms. Flip all of the memories that come to you as you go through the process. Once you have flipped all of the memories that bother you, take notice of your symptoms – notice how they’ve changed, and notice what’s left. Tap on that. When your symptoms have gone, think about the emotional triggers you had, and notice if you feel any more symptoms. If so, tap it out.

Emotional Issues

When you’re able to visit the memories that bothered you in the past and you now only see the flipped memories with no trace of the previous emotional charge, you know you’re healed. When you are able to put yourself in situations where you would previously have responded in a detrimental or negative way, and you now only feel good, you know you’re healed.


Although you may be healed, you need to continue to maintain your new state and clean up anything that comes up in the moment. When you go to the dentist and have your teeth fixed, you still need to brush them regularly to keep them healthy. When you’ve cleaned your house, you still need to continue to clean it regularly. When you exercise and eat healthily to get to your desired physical fitness, you still need to maintain those new habits in order to stay fit. In the same way, you need to continue to use FasterEFT every day to maintain your new healthy state.

You know you’re healed when you’re able to experience none of the old reactions to the triggers; and you know it will last if you continue to maintain that healthy new state by tapping daily on anything that bothers you in the moment.

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