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Faster EFT: The #1 Key to Self Love and Weight Loss

Before we get started, please watch the following success stories about weight loss using Faster EFT.   After discovering the effectiveness of Faster EFT, Dee discovered the truth behind this skill!   Stephanie lost over 100lbs! Watch her story:     One of the most googled questions is, “how to lose weight”.   So it’s...

Tap Your Way to a Healthier Life With Faster EFT

Faster EFT, or Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation, or Faster EFT tapping, has been around for the past 10+ years. The Faster EFT technique is designed to change the references held in the subconscious mind that result in problems in all areas of life. Thousands and thousands of people are now realizing that Faster EFT tapping...

Faster EFT Tapping for Stress and Anxiety

Is worry your constant companion? Do you lay awake at night, just worrying about horrible things that happened in your life, are happening or will happen to you? You can feel your heart beating faster, you start getting sweaty, start feeling the anxiety and stress and before you know it, you’re having a full blown...

How to boost your Metabolism with Eutaptics

What happens when you remember an emotional experience – positive or negative? You drop into the trance. That means you automatically go into the past and you feel it. As with all issues, this applies to weight loss as well. In Eutaptics, metabolism tapping helps to restructure our thinking concerning food. The reason Eutaptics works...
FasterEFT: The Most Powerful Tapping Method

5 Steps to Resolving to Chronic Illnesses

For those who have been living with chronic illnesses and have tried everything to find relief, it can be difficult to remain hopeful. It can be extremely difficult to resist falling into depression, hopelessness and helplessness. Tiffany Jeffers and Heather McKean are two, among the thousands of the people who found freedom from chronic illnesses – using FasterEFT.
Reshape Your Body - Conquering Food Cravings

Reshape Your Body – Conquering Food Cravings

People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction have a lot of similarities to people who chronically crave food. They are all mentally conditioned to abuse their substance of choice. Like any other substance, food cravings may result to addiction and rule your life. Food has become the most convenient escape for many people suffering from emotional eating and food addiction.
Collapsing Physical Tension Accumulated from Work

Collapsing Physical Tension Accumulated from Work

Physical tension accumulated from work may appear for brief moments then disappear. Some forms of tension may last for a for few minutes, while others for hours before the stiffness they cause disappears. Surprisingly, most people who suffer form physical tension or muscular tension are often not involved in jobs requiring extreme physical strength. Mental strain may exhibit symptoms through stiff/tense or tensed muscles.
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Lose Weight Fast: 6 Types of Human Hungers

The great thing about Eutaptics is that you don’t need to know what the subconscious causes are, that cause your weight problems. Weight problems are most definitely NOT just about emotional overeating. In fact, they may have nothing to do with food at all. Some people almost kill themselves dieting and starving, only to have...
Effectively Banish Muscular Tension From Your Body

Effectively Banish Muscular Tension From Your Body

Eutaptics can effectively banish muscular tension and restore your body to a relaxed state by eradicating the mental source of the issue. Muscular tension is a very common physical response to any type of stress. Whether this is caused by mental strain, overdoing it with a workout at the gym or other physical activities –...
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Eutaptics: Your Mental Upgrade to Achieving Stress Resilience

Stress is the body’s response to the mind’s perception. When something seems to evoke negative feelings in you, you can be sure that it’s causing you stress. That’s why building stress resilience is so important in today’s world. In other words: you experience something and your mind perceives that experience in a certain way that...
Understanding the True Value of Mindfulness

Understanding the True Value of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very popular term used today. Social media feeds, blogs and other kinds of publishing platforms have been tackling the subject from every possible angle relating to the modern lifestyle we try to survive each day. But its true value has been slightly shifted to convey a different meaning. Practicing mindfulness is often...
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Creating Epigenetic Changes by Achieving Mindfulness Through FasterEFT

Epigenetics is an expanding field of research focusing on the changes in the phenotype of the DNA without sequence-altering modifications. The DNA methylation and histone modifications are among the top two epigenetic mechanisms that directly influence gene expression. Recent scientific studies link benefits of mindfulness meditation to support epigenetic studies. But the thousand year old...