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How to Change Yourself is the Foundation in FasterEFT.  

Practitioner Level I Certification Training

is Setting the Standard in Personal Development.


This course is for everyone who wants a better life and to be able to solve your own problems plus you will develop skills on how to help others. This is apart of our own belief and training system. Healthy people will produce the same in others.  This training is for everyone even those who want to create a career in helping others.

This program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients. In this course you will learn how the mind works, how we process information and the foundation of the tapping and thinking system of FasterEFT.

Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills.

FasterEFT is the best and the only personal growth system that you will experience at this age and time. This training includes the best teachings combined into one simple but highly effective program. The richness of the content goes deep to deliver profound changes. Discover techniques are guaranteed easy to apply but deliver quick results that speak for themselves.


Know Before You Start

Embark on a positive new journey, starting the FasterEFT Practitioner Level I Training will offer you a specialized training through many tools and techniques. You will get an action plan on how to address interpret and address issues and most of all meet an online community of like-minded people to practice and follow along with.


The program will enable you to address any issue and teach you the six basic ways of changing memories that is very essential in redesigning your new life and to eliminate hurdles to achieving success. Following the exercises within the program will allow you automatically experience emotional and mental changes.


What You Will Receive


  • FasterEFT Training Course Material ($895 value for free)

  • Monsters and Magical Sticks book (19.00 value for free)

  • Heal Your Body by Louise Hays (8.00 value for free)

  • An MP3 Audio Collection ($375 value for free)

  • The A.R.T. OF CHANGE exercise that will open the door to solving your problems. The A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment is a powerful process designed to Aim at the problem, Release the stress and emotions, and Transform the memory into a more positive one. ($600 value for free)

  • Four hours of Techniques Demonstrations Videos ($399.00 value for free)*

  • 30-Day Action Plan ($175 value for free)*

  • $1000.00 Training Discount on the full price of a Live Seminar Level I Training (1,597) anywhere in the world.

The Online training gives you instant access to those videos

and you can watch them on your computer, tablet or smart phone

in the comfort of your own home anytime you want.


Training Course Description

This course will present techniques in a simple, understandable way. It shows how stimuli or events in your life do not directly cause your emotional upsets. The course will show that your beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, although physically felt, are under your control.

Dr. Richard Y C KONG PhD in Microbiology from Faster EFT on Vimeo.

In this course you will learn how to get to the heart of your problems effectively by using a self-help procedure that works quickly.


Training Course Goals

  • To enable you to be in tune with your feelings and appropriately transform their impact.

  • To give you the skills to effectively handle challenges with more clarity.

  • To explain how emotions and stress work.

  • To teach you how to change by controlling your emotional and physical destiny.

  • To help you achieve profound changes and develop radically new outlooks on life.

  • To give you techniques for changing all areas of your life, beliefs, fears and attitudes which have limited your ability to be truly happy.

  • To efficiently show that you are in control of your emotional, physical and behavioral problems, and persuade you to take action

  • To show you that you can create positive desires, wishes, preferences, goals and values, as well as change your negative limiting beliefs.

  • To explain how to be independent and inner-directed and to think for yourself instead of being controlled by your environment.

  • To show you how to “take control” in an uncontrolled world, and experience happiness under difficult and “impossible” conditions.

  • To help you understand the main roots of mental/physical disturbances and be able to create changes in yourself.

  • To illustrate ways to be honest and to become an individual: first, “know thyself”; second, make wise choices by loving and accepting yourself; third, live a happy and successful life. This is your destiny.


Requirements If you want Certification in Level 1

The Requirements are the same requirements as the Level 1 trainings live: For more information see: Track A Requirements.

We also offer a FasterEFT Online Mentorship with a Level 4 or Level 5 Practitioner once or twice a month to help guide you through the lessons.  If you are interested in participating for free on the live calls please contact for registration details.


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Training Day 1


Training Day 2 - Tapping Day


Training Day 4


Training Day 6


Other Lessons

Submit Notes Level 1

Author: Robert G. Smith

You may submit your Level I notes here. To do so you must click on the “Submit Module Requirements”. Once there you will see a question where you can upload a file. Upload your materials there. Your notes need to affirm that you are understanding the concepts that you have learned. So, when taking notes,...

Submit Log Sheets Level I

Author: Robert G. Smith

You are required to log 10 hours of personal sessions with a qualified FasterEFT Level IV or V Practitioner. In these sessions you are the client receiving a FasterEFT session. To qualify, the practitioner must be using the FasterEFT modalityThese sessions can be obtained by “swapping” or trading sessions with other practitioners, or simply by paying a qualified practitioner...

Submit Consent Forms Level I

Author: Robert G. Smith

You must also submit consent forms for any person whose name appears on your Log Sheets. This includes practitioners, family members, and other clients. We need one consent form per person.

Submit Accountability Form

Author: Robert G. Smith

The Accountability form The Accountability Form is the practice sheet where you logged practicing different techniques 10 times.  These practices should be done with other Level I students.  If you have any questions please contact the office by emailing training@fastereft.com.

Action Plan Level 1

Length: 22 minutesAuthor: Robert G. Smith

The action plan is designed to guide you through the Level 1 process while reiterating the techniques and terminology. It helps you to set personal goals and creates a plan for you each week. After completing the Action Plan, please submit your Level 1 Assessment Test for review. It is not necessary to Submit the...

Level I Assessment Test

Author: Robert G. Smith

After you have completed all the other requirements for the Level I Certification you can now begin to take the Assessment test. The Assessment Test puts all the knowledge you have accumulated in your Level I Training.