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Welcome to Level 1

This is live training for Level 1 Practitioner Certification. Level 1 teaches you the fundamentals of Eutaptics/FasterEFT, focusing on personal transformation, and in this course you can expect to cover the following topics:

  • The Foundation of Eutaptics/FasterEFT
  • The Tapping Process
  • Level 1 Techniques
  • Putting It All Together
  • Additional Resources


Level 1 Requirements (ONLINE or LIVE)
(Newly Updated in 2017)

  • Attend Level 1 Training in-person or take the Level I Online Training.
  • Submit notes taken during the training seminar by uploading them to fastereft.com. Notes must be typed and sent in the form of a PDF or Word document.
  • Log ten (10) hours as a client, receiving sessions from at least two different Level 4 or Level 5 Certified Eutaptics™ Practitioners who has been approved by Robert Smith and/or The Skills to Change Institute (Prices vary depending on Practitioner).  Signed consent forms will be needed from each practitioner listed on the log.
  • Accountability Form – Practice, with a Eutaptics™ Level 1 practitioner-in-training, all skills listed on the Accountability Form and upload the worksheet to the fastereft.com website.
  • Level 1 Action Plan to be completed.
  • Pass the online Level 1 Certification Test based on the Level 1 Training Material.
  • Complete/Pass a Level 1 Competency Review with an approved Upper Level Assessor.  (email training@fastereft.com for list)

**When you believe you have submitted all necessary requirements, please email to receive your certificate.


To view all Levels of Eutaptics Practitioner Training, please click this link:  EUTAPTICS PRACTITIONER REQUIREMENTS


Live Training Level 1

This is live training (Track A) for Level 1 Certification. Level 1 teaches you the fundamentals of FasterEFT, focusing on personal transformation, and in this course you can expect to cover the following topics: <ul> <li>The Foundation of FasterEFT</li> <li>The Tapping Process</li> <li>Level 1 Techniques</li> <li>Putting It All Together</li> <li>Additional Resources</li> </ul> Take notes from the seminar and type them in either a PDF or word document. Once they are completed choose the “Submit Your Notes” Module. There you will upload your notes. You must also do the required sessions. These are 10 hours of personal sessions (with a Level 4 or Level 5 FasterEFT Practitioner using FasterEFT). You should use the sheets we have attached to this page.  You can upload these hours in the “Submit Your Log Sheets” Module. There is also a practice sheet that you will work on with a partner that will need to be turned in with feedback sheets. You are also required to submit the consent forms for each person you enter on the log sheet. You can submit those at the “Submit Your Consent Forms” Module. <h3>Here is the full list of <a href="https://fastereft.com/fastereft-track-training-requirements/" target="_blank">Track A Requirements</a></h3> If you have any questions or concerns please email <span id="eeb-706488"><a class="mailto-link" href="mailto:training@fastereft.com">training@fastereft.com</a></span>.