Live Training Level 2

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This is live training (Track A) for Level 2 Certification

Attend Level 2 Training in person and complete all written exams.

Take Notes from the seminar and type them in either a PDF or word document. Once they are completed choose the “Submit Your Notes” Module. There you will upload your notes.

You must also do the required sessions:

  • Thirty (30) hours of personal sessions (with a FasterEFT Practitioner or Practitioner-in-Training using FasterEFT)
  • Thirty (30) hours of work on clients (you working on other FasterEFT practitioners-in-training).  You should use the sheets we have attached to this page.
  • Ten (10) hours being worked on (you as the client) with a Level 4 or Level 5 FasterEFT Practitioner.  You can upload these hours in the “Submit Your Log Sheets” Module.  Log Sheets and Consent Forms are provided in the modules or you can email for copies.  If you use other means to provide your hours we will review them on a case by case basis. You are also required to submit the consent forms for each person you enter on either log sheet. You can submit those at the “Submit Your Consent Forms” Module.

Accountability Form recording your practices with other FasterEFT Practitioners-in-Training using different techniques.

Action Plan is a 30 day guide to using FasterEFT in your daily life.

Level II Assessment Test is the final assessment of the skills and techniques learned in the Level 2 seminar.

If you have any questions or concerns please email .  Please note that these requirements are the updated version.  If you took your Level 2 in 2015 or in May of 2016 then the requirements given to you at the time of the seminar you attended will be required.


Please read over the Swapping Etiquette guidelines


Submit Level 2 Action Plan

Author: Robert G. SmithComplexity: Standard

The Action Plan is designed to guide you through the Level 2 process while reiterating the techniques and terminology.  It helps you to set personal goal and creates a plan for you each week. For those of you who did not do an action plan for Level 1 here is a video to help explain...

Submit Level 2 Assessment Test

Author: Robert G. SmithComplexity: Standard

After you have completed all the other requirements for the Level 2 Certification you can now begin to take the Assessment Test.  The Assessment Test puts all the knowledge you have accumulated in your Level 2 Training.

Submit Level 2 Accountability Form

Author: Robert G. SmithComplexity: Standard

The Accountability Form can be found in the back of your manual.  It is for practicing FasterEFT skills with other Level 2 or higher FasterEFT Practitioners or FasterEFT Practitioners-in-Training. Upload your completed document.

Submit Consent Forms Level 2 Track A

Author: Robert G. Smith

You must also submit consent forms for any person whose name appears on your Client Log Sheets. This includes family members, and clients. We need one consent form per person. Please put them into one file before uploading.

Submit Log Sheets Level 2 Track A

Author: Robert G. Smith

You are also required to log thirty (30) hours working with clients (with you as the FasterEFT Practitioner on another practitioner). AND You are also required to log thirty additional (30) hours of personal sessions with a qualified* FasterEFT Practitioner. In these sessions you are the client receiving a FasterEFT session. To qualify, the practitioner must be using the...

Submit Notes Level 2 Track A

Author: Robert G. Smith

You may submit your Level 2 notes here. To do so you must click on the "Module Requirements". Once there you will see a question where you can upload a file. Upload your materials there. Your notes need to affirm that you have attended the seminar and that you understand the concepts taught at the...

Code of Ethics Online Test

Author: Robert G. Smith

Introductory Welcome to FasterEFT, one of the greatest modalities. The Code of Ethics is created to guarantee that we will all operate with the same high standards. FasterEFT is a powerful tool to improve the world, starting with ourselves. Peace, Robert G. Smith   Mission Statement Skills to Change Institute, Inc. (“Skills to Change Institute”)...

FasterEFT Code of Conduct

Author: Robert G. Smith

The FasterEFT CODE OF CONDUCT sets minimum standards for Professional Conduct for FasterEFT Practitioners and is underpinned by the CODE OF ETHICS which expresses the ideals and aspirations of FasterEFT Practitioners