Live Training Level 3

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The focus of Level 3 is to build on the knowledge and skills learned from Level 1 & 2 including the Eutaptics Foundation work and become a competent, confident Eutaptics Practitioner-in-Training, working with clients.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of Level 3 you will be able to:

-Have reviewed Level 2

-Understand and apply as appropriate the Eutaptics Foundations

-Understand and apply as appropriate the basic principles of Eutaptics / Faster EFT

-Have knowledge of and be able to use all the techniques and skills from Level 1 & 2

Acquire New Skills and Techniques for Level 3

Be able to describe, and apply competently a variety of new techniques at the conclusion of Level 3 including:

  1. Stacking
  2. Shelving
  3. Superpower
  4. Cartoon character
  5. Tap it up tap it down
  6. Phantom
  7. Spin the feeling
  8. Vow, belief, decision formed
  9. Rewind the story
  10. Bridging
  11. Give it back to them

Acquire Other key skills and knowledge

Be able to describe and apply competently as appropriate at the conclusion of Level 3:

– Abreactions

– Belief system/structure for a range of issues

– Steps when working with clients

– Basic steps & tips for setting up a successful business

Code of Ethics

-Have a good understanding and be able to apply the Skills to Change Code of Ethics as appropriate.

-Successfully completed the online test


-Be a competent, confident Practitioner in Training with the knowledge of the specific nuances of Eutaptics / FEFT techniques for various issues.

-Be able to follow the Swapping Etiquette for Eutaptics, knowing how to apply the following- what to expect, how to give feedback, how to maximise your sessions and how to treat your swapping buddy with respect and not take advantage of your swapping buddy.


  • Attend Level 3 Training in person.
  • Submit notes taken during the training seminar by uploading them to Notes must be typed and sent in the form of a PDF or word document.
  • Total 30 hours: As a practitioner giving sessions                                         (Record on the CLIENT LOG sheet)
    • 20hrs–  with clients/swaps
    • 10hrs–  with Level 1 or 2 Eutaptics practitioner-in-training
  • Total 40 hrs: as a client receiving sessions
    • 10 hrs– with at least two different Level 4/5 Eutaptics practitioners     (Record on the PERSONAL SESSION LOG sheet)
    •  30 hrs– with other Eutaptics practitioners (swap or paid)                     (Record on the PRACTITIONER LOG sheet)
  • Submit Consent Forms for anyone on the log sheet that is NOT a practitioner-in-training or for any Upper Level Practitioner.
  • Complete 10 Session Reviews from sessions using the approved form and submit. The purpose of this Personal Session Review is to assist you with your growth and skill development. Reflecting on your session with your client, will greatly assist your development. Please submit your completed forms and upload them to
  • Accountability Form practicing the new techniques 10 times each and upload to
  • Monsters and Magical Sticks Quiz to be taken on the FasterEFT website.
  • Pass the written Level 3 Certification Test based on the Level 3 Training Material and upload to
  • Complete/Pass a Level 3 Competency Review with an approved Upper Level Practitioner.


Session Reviews

Author: Robert G. Smith

Complete 10 Session Reviews using proforma and submit. The purpose of this Personal Session Review is to assist you with your growth and skill development. Reflecting on the session with your client will greatly assist your development. Please submit your completed forms to the Skills to Change office or upload them to when they are all complete....

Submit Consent Forms – Level 3

Author: Robert G. Smith

You must submit consent forms for any person whose name appears on your Practitioner Log Sheets (you performing the session as the practitioner) if they are NOT a practitioner-in-training. This includes friends, family members, and other clients. We need one signed consent form per person.  You will also need consent forms for each Upper Level...

Submit Log Sheets – Level 3

Author: Robert G. Smith

30 Practice Practitioner hours (minimum of 10 hrs with a Level 2) 30 Personal hours as a client with various practitioners at the same level or higher. (20 with same level or above and 10 with a upper level practitioner) The log sheets you must use can be found below. The Personal Sessions Log Sheet is...

Submit Notes – Level 3

Author: Robert G. Smith

You may submit your typed notes from the Live Level 3 Eutaptics Training here. To do so you must click on the "View the Lesson Quiz". Once there you will see a question where you can upload the file. Upload the PDF copy of your notes there. Your notes need to affirm that you attended the training and that...

Level 3 Competency Assessment

Author: Robert G. Smith

This assessment is a live assessment to be completed by an approved Eutaptics Upper Level Practitioner after you have completed your other Level 3 requirements.  Please email for a list of approved practitioners.  This assessment can be done over Skype or Zoom.  When assessment is completed, please click the button below and ask the...