Recover from Grief and Loss – Online Certification Course

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This course is for anyone who wants to work on their own pain of loss and it is also required course for fully certified Faster EFT practitioners.  Since almost every person has grief and loss issues.

It does not mean the death of someone but an ending of a period of life or unwanted changes.  You will find real transformation of your own life by following this course and doing the exercises.

As a practitioner helping people to make peace in this one area will bring much reward because the changes are big especially with the Integration process.


What you will benefit from this course.

    • Making peace with Grief and Loss – Understanding the Grieving Process and knowing to heal the pain and keep the gifts

    • How to Help Someone Who is Grieving – Learn the mindset to help others through bereavement, grief, and loss

    • How to address the Loss of a Pet – Healthy keys and processes to deal with grief after a pet dies

    • Coping with a Breakup or Divorce – How to moving on after a relationship ends

      Saying Goodbye – Proven ways to deal with a loved one’s terminal illness


If you are needing help with grief and loss issues you may consider a session with Robert Smith and get a new start on the rest of your life.



Note: The Material presented in this course is part of the Practitioners Training (DVD) Course and only for you to work on yourself. If you would love to work with clients and help others you can do so by becoming a Professional Certified Practitioner. We have live trainings and online trainings.


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Author: Robert G. Smith

This Grief & Loss Course is part of the requirements of becoming an advanced Level 4 practitioner. When you are taking this course as a practitioner you need to take notes of the lessons and make the test (coming soon) at the end. You can upload the required documents when you click on "View Lesson Quiz".