Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

Eutaptics is a memory reimprinting process. Imagine harnessing the power of the mind to rewrite how you live the memory of your past to produce your best possible future?

It is an exciting idea, that can be accomplished with hard work and commitment to practice.

For many people who have experienced severe psychological trauma, hope seems impossible. Robert G. Smith noticed the incapacitating effects of living with trauma and the obvious suffering of the victims. After working with many trauma victims and survivors, he came up with a gentle system that can help sufferers reimprint their memories to produce healthier responses and behavior. The best part, is it has a narrow chance of re-traumatizing an individual.

Eutaptics works with beliefs coming from our subconscious that forms the structure of mental patterns that produce negative responses. Each experience is not an isolated or singular event when interpreted by the mind. The subconscious interprets and records our experiences to be utilized as “data” used for future reference. Consider it a vessel in which all our personal beliefs, from those we fear to those we enjoy are being simultaneously referred to.

For this reason, it only makes sense to “flip” those memories. “Flipping” is another term within the system which also means to change or reimprint the memories. Memory reimprinting resolves many issues because once a memory is reimprinted, the problem-producing memories will no longer be utilized by the subconscious to form negative behaviors or responses.

The Idea of Changing the Past

The past is unchangeable if we speak within the sense of time. The past cannot exist anymore, hence it is unchangeable. But if one is to look to where the past exists, they would find it is only within the mind. The reality in which the past lives is not in the physical world, but in the form of memories – intangible and abstract in nature.

To deny the reality of past events is as absurd to claim their existence in the present moment. Sadly the mind is not always working this way. Often, memories carrying negative emotions are on a continuous loop, becoming the basis of how we respond to our current reality.

Memory reimprinting cannot change the past and undo your experiences. However, it can change your attachment to the past by influencing your subconscious data to release their emotional charge.

Why Change a Bad Memory

The subconscious mind is unable to distinguish between values of good memory or bad memory. Memories written during the time of trauma, pain and suffering are forerunners of negative mental structures, therefore manifesting negative behaviors. But it is also not to assume that the subconscious will only be triggered to use these memories to form a response on experiences directly related to the past. As tricky as the subconscious mind is, it may use the same memories on random interlinked experiences and events that trigger a response.

For this reason alone, our reality can be distorted and problems begin to manifest. These problems range from the most common issues to the most complex life problems such as chronic illnesses, psychological and physical disorders.

Our mind is the source of all our suffering, but it can be reimprinted to produce health, wealth and happiness.

Memory Reimprinting, Repatterning or Flipping

Changing your subconscious records means changing the mental patterns produced from that record. You will expertly produce the same problems time and again without changing its origin. Eutaptics tapping is a pattern-interrupt when it is used while aiming for a particular issue. As you continue practicing, the structure of the problem is weakened, collapsed and flipped.

By clearing the emotional charge in a memory, the mind naturally produce new neural connections altering your perception about the past. It is not simply a process of “willing” the mind to change or forget. Eutaptics process involves specialized techniques that enhances communication with the subconscious by engaging all the senses to be fully aware of the present moment.

The mind can be influenced to change. All our behaviors and beliefs, no matter how old or new, are as fluid as they are abstract. To work on changing or reimprinting memories that are limiting or problematic in nature is a step closer to manifesting a joyful life experience. Nevertheless, unless you take control of your own mind, none of these changes will occur and you will manifest the same problems time and again.

The power to create your best possible reality lies within the ability of your mind to let go of the past.

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