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Healing Food and Chemical Sensitivities – Sonoma


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Heal Your Body continues with Healing Food and Chemical Sensitivities. 


Having food or chemical sensitivities can be an alienating, painful experience. It can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars just to come up with the same answer and no results. You’ve done all the tests and the elimination diets. You’ve tried the water fasting and the cleanses. Still, the problem is there. Still, you are one bite away from headaches, fatigue, brain fog, stomach cramps, bloating, muscle pain, diarrhea, and the list goes on and on. The distance you put between yourself and others is starting to grow because it’s hard to go anywhere when you aren’t sure what will set off a reaction that can lay you out for days.

The world becomes something you have to plan for and your sensitivities start to drive your life. Forget about eating out or traveling. Forget parties or even a quiet night at a friend’s house. Everything you eat and everywhere you are becomes a ‘what if.’ Any time you have an exposure, the consequences are severe enough to start avoiding even the places and experiences you enjoy the most. And the worst part of it all? No one has told you why or how to fix it! No doctor or specialist has given you the answer and even when you treat the symptoms for a time, the problem persists. When your tests come back clean and your system in tip-top shape, they tell you, “It’s all in your head!”

Well… They’re right! They just don’t know why they’re right.


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September 12
September 13
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