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Transform Depression and Anxiety Web Event


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Do you often find yourself lost in your thoughts, wondering when you’ll have the energy to be happy again? Do you have tightness and pains that come up with certain memories? Is facing the day or even getting out of bed a real struggle?

You aren’t alone and you aren’t broken. You’ve just gotten very good at replaying old memories that keep you feeling down. The thoughts you have create a dramatic effect on the chemicals your body releases. Those chemicals might seem like reasons outside your control that cause you to feel low or anxious, but the truth is your brain is responding to your thoughts, not the other way around.

The idea that our brains just do this to us is conditioning we receive from birth. First we watch our parents indulging in their own depressed or worried feelings, then our friends, then our teachers, and eventually it’s us. This image of acceptable misery becomes the expressions and behavior we mirror as we grow and practice our own emotions. At some point, sadness feels comfortable and familiar because we’ve watched it and practiced it our whole lives.

But depression and anxiety don’t have to be your story anymore. Your program can change, your memories and how you represent them can change, YOU can change and eutaptics® can help.

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April 3
April 5
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