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Heal Yourself with the Power of your Mind: Overcoming Fear – BERLIN, GERMANY


Event Description

November 2nd-3rd 2019


The Transform Yourself Series is part of our year long series of learning to TRANSFORM different areas of our lives.  This event is about Overcoming Fear and is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT/ Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith.  This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.


We all know that fear can completely stop you in your tracks, so much so that the next item on your list doesn’t get started, the dishes don’t get done, bed doesn’t get made, bills pile up and the initial thing we were fearing, now appears much bigger.

The muscles in your body seem to tighten, breath may be shallower and pain seems to appear from nowhere.

We spend our time imagining the worst and fabricating terrible outcomes. The fear is so strong that now our logic and conscious mind are doing very little to reduce the fears we are thinking at that moment.

We then pop a pill to calm us, find ways to procrastinate and not go to the place of having to make the decision that will move us forward, in fact we go round and round in circles, unable to get clarity and focus on anything at all.


FasterEFT is an empowering neuroscience-based tool which helps you release the stress and emotions associated with fear. Fear is a natural response our bodies use to protect us from real or apparent danger. It keeps us from standing too close to the ledge, making decisions that could have consequences for us, and stepping out of our comfort zone. The problem comes in when fear keeps us from moving in the direction that we want or doing the things we would love to do.

Your subconscious mind holds the records of every time you were every afraid or in danger. By working on that stack of records, you are able to change how you respond to what has been a trigger for you. You get to keep all of the “street smarts” of the fear (the part that keeps you safe from danger) and let go of all of the feelings of the fear (panic/anxiety/fight, flight or freeze/…).

Fears FasterEFT can help with: (Fear of ___)

  • insects
  • water
  • heights
  • flying
  • rejection
  • commitment
  • public speaking
  • interviewing
  • being the center of attention
  • death
  • pain
  • ….and so much more. If you can feel fearful about it, it can be transformed…

“Thanks to faster EFT I managed to defeat [a] tremendous fear of job interviews. I used to be in a terrible panic and needed a pills of Neurol. After targeting correctly my problem with Faster EFT, the panic disappeared. I was calm and I got that work [job].” – Lucie Koppová from Prague, Czech Republic

Robert Smith has helped hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives and the lives of others.  Now it is your turn to take the reins in your life to become the best version of yourself.

In this Transformational Weekend, Robert Smith selects volunteers from the audience to be tapped on in the “Magic Chair”, and this retreat is your opportunity to be that person!

What will I gain from a FasterEFT Transformational Weekend

If you are seeking liberation from whatever holds you back, this weekend is for you.

  • Experience real freedom beyond anything you’ve read, thought or dreamed about.
  • Learn a new way of looking at fear, panic, and anxiety and how you perceive and react to your experiences.
  • Discover simple self-empowering techniques that you can do anywhere and create a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn how to release your old, unwanted habits and problems, and make room for a new you!
  • Witness others’ profound changes and insights. When others let go, it is a gift of sharing which helps everyone else heal and let go. We are all in this together. Peace and Love, Robert


YOU: Robert Smith has helped hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives. Are you going to DO something in order to get rid of your fear? Be one of them and join the community! There is a limited number of participants in each seminar!


WHERE? This time Robert will teach us in the Seehotel Zeuthen, a wonderful 4 star wellness hotel situated in a natural lake area on the outskirts of Berlin. (A different one than last year). If you want to stay there, please book only under this link for discounted rates!


Please join the Facebook Group „Faster EFT 2019 Berlin“ for questions, organisational issues and more info.



Saturday, Nov 2nd : Registration @ 9am

Saturday and Sunday:

  • Seminar 10am-5pm
  • Both days have two 15 minute coffee breaks, one mid morning and one mid afternoon each day and a 1.5 hour lunch break.

All Workshops, Weekend Events,Transformational Weekends and Training Seminars are videotaped. No outside video or audio recording equipment will be allowed.

Some of the content may be used to create new training material which will help FasterEFT help more people.


Private One-to-One Sessions*

With Robert G. Smith:

Many participants at our events ask about private one-to-one sessions with Robert. Due to Robert’s busy schedule and the high demand for private sessions as the creator of FasterEFT, there will only be a few times available in the couple days leading up to the seminar. If you would like to find out more, and if there are any slots left, please send an email to: 

With High-Level Practitioners

There will be a few highly experienced upper-level practitioners at the event. If you would like to take the opportunity to get some extra help and guidance, you will be able to book a session with a practitioner once you arrive (on a first-come-first-served basis).


*Private one-to-one sessions are not included in the price of the seminar. The cost of these sessions will be an optional extra, and will be arranged between you and the practitioner.


Hotel Accommodation

Seehotel Zeuthen **** is offering the following rates:

Standard Single Room 89 Euro                   Single Room Lake View: 99 Euro

Standard Double Room: 139 Euro              Double Room Lake View: 149 Euro

Please note: These rates are reserved especially for this event until august 2nd 2019! If you book later, the prices might change. Please book under this link!


Wir sehen uns in Berlin!

Event Summary


November 2 @ 9:00 am
November 3 @ 5:00 pm
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Seehotel Zeuthen
Fontaneallee 27/28, 15738 Zeuthen, Germany
+49 33762 890


Overcoming Fear- Berlin
Heal Yourself with the Power of your Mind: Overcoming Fear


Overcoming Fear- Berlin
Heal Yourself with the Power of your Mind: Overcoming Fear


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