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Redesign Your Relationships Web Event


Event Description

“Why do I keep doing the same thing in every relationship?” “How do I keep meeting these same people over and over again and get nothing out of it?” “When will I meet someone who is right for me?” “We’ve tried couples therapy and it doesn’t work for us.”

We have a tendency to point at others and say you – they – he – she – is making me feel bad. They make me feel lonely or worthless. Even if you’ve seen how you repeat these patterns and have taken responsibility for your part in things, it is still really challenging to change your behavior. You might say to yourself, “They’re right. I need to communicate better, I need to clean up after myself, I should want the same things that they do.” But I don’t. Or they don’t. And we keep running in circles never really meeting in the middle.

The simple answer to this is to look at you and how you hold these memories. 


Redesign Your Relationships is about more than just finding ‘the one,’ it’s about being ‘the one’ and having the kind of love that you want and deserve for the rest of your life. We’ll focus on romantic relationships, but truly, once you have mastered yourself and your mind in this area – these fundamentals will help create the quality relationships that YOU want in all aspects of your life.

We’ll cover relationship topics such as:

  • Constant fighting and how to become less reactive
  • How to heal from previous abuses
  • How to overcome jealousy and other controlling behavior in both yourself and your partners
  • Finding freedom from insecurities in your relationships (such as financial differences, family dynamics, self-esteem issues, sexlessness, broken promises)
  • How to manage long-distance relationships without worry
  • Being okay with wanting different things and/or attracting someone who sees the same future you want
  • Poor communication and feeling like you’re always on different pages
  • Attracting the same ‘type’ of person who is wrong for you
  • Why couples therapy, marriage boot camp, and other expensive ‘relationship cure-alls’ haven’t worked

If you want to overcome these patterns and learn how to take control of your life, this web event is for you.

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What you will learn:


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March 20 @ 5:00 pm
March 22 @ 8:00 pm
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