1 Year anniversary Today Since I Started FEFT.

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    Today marks one year ago since I started doing Faster EFT(FEFT)for myself.I found this forum and various videos,diagrams online and figured it all out.I had bought a book on EFT,tried that and it takes too long,which led me to wanting to find a quicker version.Thats how I found FEFT. Since that day I written every issue I’ve tapped out,every goal I tapped out,etc. I even use FEFT for food intolerance treatments by combining a Kinesiology muscle testing technique with the FEFT procedure.I posted that elsewhere in this forum. In total
    I have now done over 5000 issues.I’ve learned a lot.

    Think about this,each issue has to be done several times at least.Add that to all the issues you’ve got and they all add up.When I write them all in the book I omit the “let it go” bit. After 1 week of first doing FEFT I started remembeing more issues. I had candida in 2006 from drinking a lot of cola flavoured drinks.Over did it.It takes a long time to reduce the severity of food intolerances but its worth it.I do each one-once a week.From time to time I swap them around. Every few months I’ll take a few days off from FEFT.Give my body a rest.If you do a lot of FEFT try taking a week off once in awhile.I can look back through my FEFT books, which are just your basic shool exercise book,and read every issue I’ve done.Who’d remember them all?

    Here’s the good news.Your body gets healthier on the inside.It starts working better regularly.You feel better more often.The emotional flares up get milder over time and dont last as long.Your hair feels silkier.Your skin looks healthier.You absorb nutrients out of your food better.Your emotional health improves a lot regularly. I try to use a variety of statements.
    “I feel paralyzed by…….,let it go” is one I use for a variety of issues including insecurities,fears,phobias,etc. If you get a big headache after you try out a new statement you know its paid off. The main thing is to experiment.The main thing is you tap them out and its better for you.Thats good value.

    What we all need to do is make sure that FEFT is developed and researched further.Dont just leave it as is.Make it better.Make it even quicker.Try to find ways to get rid of issues sooner.We all can do something to improve FEFT.

    To everyone who uses FEFT,keep doing it every day.You’ve got many good things to look forward to.Its a big reward for something so simple.Everyone can learn it.Enjoy it.It works.

    I hope this forum starts to get a little more active.I dont see much activity.

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