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    Is the Addiction Protocol actually written somewhere?

    I have purchased the tape on Addiction with Jeff and Alvin (from Habilitat) and the stop smoking tape. I realize that there are several steps to the program (why do you use, what are the benefits, what are the worst times, what if you drug was in the toilet and you wanted to use it, etc.) but the steps are hard to follow during the actual session. I know that when Robert and Deadra work that the session is fluid.

    But, are there written steps?


    Joe Griffith

    remember a time when you used for each of your four answers to the questions above.

    Example: “why do you use?” Recall a specific time when you used. What emotional or physical traumas are you escaping or easing by using? And what is the emotion, one word, that describes the emotion you feel now when recalling that event. As you tap say “I release and let go of that ( name the negative emotion/ feeling) I release and let go, it’s good to let go of ( name of negative emotion/ feeling ). Go through each of the five tapping points for as many rounds as it takes til you don’t feel each emotion around each of the questions.

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