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    Hi there,

    I noticed as I was tapping on a childhood memory with pictures, feelings and sounds involved that as I noticed every submodality, I felt the feelings, I saw the image and heard the sounds before I tapped that it released it effeectively.

    However, today I noticed, as Robert Smith said in one of the training DVDs, that as you feel the feeling in the memory or problem, the pictures and sounds automatically diminish and fade too. This is exactly what Ahdom did with me as I had several sessions with him. He had me notice the feelings only and tapped and we noticed that every other submodality faded.

    SO from then I’ve only felt the feeling in every problem before tapping, with great success!



    I noticed that when you mentally go back to a memory or problem, and you check if it is a good or bad feeling, then IDENTIFY what type of bad feeling it is, before you tap, you will get great results.

    There are three processes I’d like to share:

    1. Sometimes you will have to break the feeling down, and so you ask the location of the feeling, it might be in your chest or stomach, you ask the size of it, it might be large, the shape of it, maybe it is round or whatever. what type of feeling it is, if it is a pressure, a tightness, a heaviness, a burning feeling etc. Let’s say it is a burning feeling. Then write all these details down on paper, so that you can see what they are.

    Then you SUD rate it between 0 and 10. And I would say ‘It’s safe to release this large feeling.’ , ‘It’s safe to release this burning feeling.’ , ‘It’s safe to release this round feeling.’. Because that really hits it accurately. I love tapping this way, tapping once on the size, then one on the shape etc.

    Most times though, it goes like , 1.How do I know? 2. There is a feeling. 3. What do I feel? 4. Then I really notice what it is inside me, like a feeling in my throat. 5. Can I feel it? 6. I feel it. 7. I say ‘Put it on the shelf.’ , I amplify the positive feelings then I tap Let it go. Simple. Tapping on the ‘How?’ releases resistence on many levels. I might also do QT if I notice that it is big.Smile

    At times, you can just close your eyes, notice it, Pull out of it by putting it on the shelf and feeling some positive feelings and tap, which works. Yet, I always find that my problem vanishes much faster when I notice what type of feeling it is, where it is before I tap.

    2. You can just step in to the memory, associating with it and doing the QT to release the chaos.

    I usually say ‘Go back as if you were there and feel it for the last time, look out your eyes, make it stronger. From zero to ten make it as close a ten as you possibly can. Feel it in your body, notice what you’re doing.’. Then I say ‘Feel everything, see everything, hear everything, feel everything, experience everything.’ And then I do the Quick Tap Method. After you’ve done the QT, before you say ‘Peace’ you can do the forgiveness technique in the same round of tapping. If you don’t know this method, check Robert Smith’s video titled Quick Tap. Smile

    3. In order to break the trance, what I learned from a Practitioner was to place the feeling, (after you’ve broken it down) on an imaginary shelf, then you use your positive anchor or imagine music you like to create a positive state quickly, and you ENJOY it for a few seconds, followed by tapping. And the reason for that is that for most who are doing this on themselves, they’re so deeply in trance that the tapping only taps in the problem rather than releasing it.

    You can add ‘I enjoy feeling my fingers tapping now.’ after tapping on each meridian if you’d feel that you’re very deep in trance. I’ve noticeed that this statement brings your focus strongly to the feeling of your fingertips tapping on your meridians, which is Robert Smith’s advised way of getting out of trance and flip the trance quickly. If it’s stronger than a 5, I think it helps to say this phrase.

    I also feel my fingers tapping on my meridians for 5-8 taps before I say ‘Let go’, as I noticed that helps break the trance.

    What I’ve seen every Practitioner I’ve worked with do as they tap on clients is that they add phrases like ‘It’s safe to forgive everybody.’, ‘It’s safe to forgive myself.’ , ‘It’s safe to heal.’ and ‘It’s safe to move on.’, ‘They were doing the best that they could with the tools that they had.’ etc. Which a Practitioner told me serve to release that trance, which is a major point when you are tapping on yourself.Smile

    There fore we use the shelf and the positive state just before we tap. And after tapping each round, I step into a positive memory and then grab my wrist, take a deep breath, exhale and say Peace. This helps to release the issue.

    I suggest that you begin on tapping on a problem or memory by stepping into it and doing the Quick Tap, and then continue to tap on the small parts and pieces. Like Robert S says, ‘Your success lies in the details.’.Smile

    That always gives me results.Smile Remember, we embrace the undesired feelings, that is the key to aiming. If you try not to feel it, you won’t be able to aim.




    Hi what will the forgiveness technique be? Video is not avaliable


    Dawood Shahzad

    I am unable to change my bad memories. I tried to change every expression, sound and a strong feeling of fear inside my stomach. Please guide me.

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