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    I have recently discovered Faster Eft. For years I have studied other methodologies– eft, nlp, Sedona, etc. They all seemed a bit weak to me. Faster Eft seems to ring true with me.

    My situation is after a long hard day, before bedtime, I like to have a few beers (or 10). I never drink at any other time of the day or have any desire to. But, before bed, it is my relaxation time (maybe my escape time, my party time) and holding that beer can in my hand is it. The smell doesn’t seem to effect my too much, but the thought of holding it and taking a long refreshing swig does it for me. That is all part of the relaxation, which I seem to look forward to all day. Then just sipping one after another and having a good time.

    I have been researching Faster Eft. I have gone along with the addiction tapes that I could find– heroin, candy, pepsi. I definitely feel a decrease in the desire.

    But when the time comes in the evening…. it’s like, well the beer isn’t pulling me too much, but what do I do instead. Of course a beer would feel good. But I shouldn’t. But it would feel good. Then I do.

    Any suggestions?


    michel mens

    hello , i know the problem of doing this , for me it feels like escaping my day to day problems, and things i find hard to handle. i would be very intressted if someone would answer to this topic !!?

    please give a helping hand !!!


    Christy R. Hall

    Hi there, originally I replied to this thread here, but then found I had so much more to say about it, that I decided to make a post out of it. You can read my thoughts here. http://www.phoenixwholistic.com/blog/alcohol-bedtime/



    Thanks for your replies.

    It turns our that it is not about alcohol, as is usually the case.

    It is about having a bad experience in your life. So bad that you suppress it, or do something with it. It stays suppressed. Later in life, you experience the expression and you find a temporary release/relax in this new method (alcohol, drugs, eating, addiction, whatever). The trick is to go back and feel the bad memories, tap on them, resolve them, then you won’t have a need for the “new method”.

    I did this with an excellent practioner. I never thought it would happen, but I cried. She was great. My feelings were so intense that we got half way through in a 2 hour session. I need another session to truly work through this.


    michel mens

    congretulations ! i still struggle with this !? even now , that my live turned for the better a 100 % !!?

    after years of relational problems , i found my place , new relation , still grap to the drinks ? ???

    i do not get it myself , but i am only out of controll when i am on my own !!?



    I had 2 sessions with a practioner– 4 hours.

    No resolution.

    The problem persists.

    At what point do you think it is appropriate to change practioners?


    michel mens

    i do not know senin , you said earlier she was great !? but you did not solve the issue?
    I did maybe 15 sessions on al kind of issues , and not really conciously notice the difference!!??? i had 3 different practitioners! i do not know why i do not notice/see a difference.

    good luck on this , for me it still feels like hocus pocus after 2 years!??


    Christy R. Hall

    Some peoples issues aren’t as simple as others. You have to go and knock out all the reasons you drink. This may not be as simple as tapping on the cold of the can or the burn as it goes down. ALL the reasons you drink. Pain relief. Avoidance. To help you sleep. To help you forget that you have to go to work tomorrow. Because you think you are a bad person. Whatever it is.

    It’s kind of like when you break your leg. When you break you leg, you need crutches (or a cast). Trying to stop drinking while you still have the underlying issues is like throwing away the crutches and taking off the cast while your leg is still broken.

    You will stop drinking when you no longer need it.

    Another point of clarification, are you trying to give it up completely and never drink again? or just manage it?



    Thanks Christy. Great post. If it is possible to manage it, I would manage it. If that is not an option, give it up completely.

    By the way, I give you tremendous credit for even trying to tackle the issue.


    Christy R. Hall

    Sure… makes sense. I will say that the ‘tactics’ for making you not want to drink ever are a bit different than just trying to manage it.

    I’m not sure I completely agree with your statements above about their being an experience “so bad that you suppress it, or do something with it. ” Of course, ‘so bad’ is a subjective term. But I have found that however you deal with one thing tends to be the way you deal with most things. (Not to say you start drinking at the slightest thing.) Sounds like you are drinking at the end of the day to take the edge off. Do you drink on the weekends or whenever you are not at work?

    Are you trying to relieve anxiety? Frustration? Or tiredness? All three? Are you tapping when you’re not with your practitioner? Are you tapping on the day-to-day things that are bothering you?

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