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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could advise me please. I’m a female in early twenties and have never had a boyfriend in my whole life. I have had the comments before that I am still young yet and the right man will come along when the time is right etc but I feel I’m needing a little bit more help and advice as opposed to the cliché answers. I would love to some day soon meet my perfect man . Sure enough I’ve encountered guys who I’ve liked but in every case if I approach them I end up rejected.
    However, one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is that I seem to attract gay men into my life. I’m trying to work out why and I think it comes down to their personality. The gay friends I have all have the kind, caring and sensitive personality which I love. As the law of attraction states: what you put out you attract into your life. So I am attracting men but why gay men and not straight men?
    Clearly I am harboring some limiting beliefs which are stopping me from attracting Mr right. I have sat down and dug deep into my mind to discover my limiting beliefs about relationships and to be fair there are a lot. One which I am defiantly aware of is the fear that I have to go through the dating game for a long time in order to find my perfect man. To be honest I’m not prepared to have to go through loads of guys to find the ideal one. My parents were first loves and I really love that fact about them- they met at my age and married fairly quickly and have been together ever since. I would love to follow in their footsteps but right now that seems unlikely to happen. Everyone tells me the famous saying ‘you will have to kiss a lot of toads in order to find your prince’. This statement obviously makes my blood boil! Or another one is that people are more career driven and don’t have time for love nowadays. Again something which affects me deeply and that I don’t want to hear.
    I’ve seen friends go into relationships and break up, go onto the next guy and break up and so on and for me I would not like to have to go through this. I seem to get easily sucked into their emotions which over the years will have been leaving imprints in my subconscious mind about what relationships involve.
    Another thing is which I presume will be a large source of resistance is that I have a lot of qualities which would be in the perfect man for me – even down to occupation. From reading extensively about the law of attraction this will deter the guy who is actually right for me. But I would find this hard to let go through tapping as its something I feel really strongly about. To share one aspect of the ideal guy would be that I would love him to be a medic. At university, when I bump into the medics or the ones who I know (I’m doing a medical science degree and we work in the hospital complex where the medical school is), most of them are who I would want in my ideal guy ie looks, personality, attitude, work ethic etc. Obviously not all of them would tick the right boxes but a fair few of them do! But I suppose this is adding further resistance ?

    I apologise for this lengthily question but I would be so grateful for any advice which you would have. I’m wanting to get out of this rut in my life regarding love and find the perfect man. Many many thanks in advance.



    Hi- I’m am still fairly new to Faster EFT but i cant help intuitively feeling that you may have some beliefs around how your parents found each other so quickly and you haven’t managed to? Just a hunch. Good luck with your search. I honestly feel that the ONLY thing keeping your relationship away is your limiting beliefs about them. And its good to know with F-EFT you can release them- Best of Luck.



    Oil, thank you very much for your reply. Definitely needed to hear that- now have something to work towards. Just really grateful to get someone else’s idea and thoughts about it. Thanks again for your input.



    Hi! I know its been a while, but I would love to offer my insight anyway!

    You seem to feel guilty that you are not in a relationship.
    What were your relations with friends like in your childhood?
    Are you afraid of being intimate or afraid of commitment?
    Do you love yourself fully? And if so, you CAN be content with being single.
    When you are content with being single someone may enter! You are resisting being in a relationship because you want it so badly?
    What are your beliefs on how relationships SHOULD be? (from TV shows, parents, friends, etc.) and what is YOUR ideal relationship like?
    Why do you feel like you should be in a relationship now?
    Why do you want to be in one so badly, what has gone wrong in your past encounters with men you liked?
    (is there any chance you are interested in women ;)

    Allow patience. Allow yourself to trust yourself. Allow love in all forms. Be grateful for your gay male friends. There are plenty of deeply kind, gentle straight males as well, they just might be harder to find. The more you appreciate your gay male friends who exhibit these qualities, the more likely you will attract very kind straight males…and kind people in general.

    I would tap on all or any of those issues over and over again. Speak to yourself honestly about what this is about.
    Take care!

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