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    I lost my dad in 1999.From then on I was worried about my mum’s welfare.She seemed to be coping to some degree most of the time.”(She lived until 2016.)
    I am trying to get ideas for anguish statements that I can use.I write each one down in a journal everyday. Most statements I use I start with:

    “I feel” ,and end with “,let it go”.This works for me.
    Here are 2 I use:
    1)I feel parazlyzed by my anguish over mum after dad died,let it go”.
    2)In the year 2000 I felt anguish over my mum’s welfare,let it go”.

    I would like some good statement ideas that cater for this situation.


    Sue Basler

    From what I have gathered from videos I have watched and the starter course “create the life you have always wanted”, it is not so much as what you say, it is more about what you feel. I was trained in the original EFT where statements were all what it seemed to be about. Sometimes it helped but most of the time it missed. 3 years ago I started getting interested in FasterEFT and bought a couple download videos – Heather McKean and the other woman, whose name slips my mind right now, and I bought the create the life which you can watch on the internet. I have also worked with a couple fasterEFT practitioners and there has been some change but when I start feeling anxious (my issue has been about chronic anxiety), I find it hard to get my head out of the constant negative chatter and wanting more than anything to feel normal. This is when nothing seems to shift, but if I sit with it and just tap gently just allowing myself to feel the feelings, hear the chatter, etc., then it calms down and then I can look inside to see how I know I feel anxious and just tap gently saying let it go. I often will feel sad and all sorts of memories pop up, which is overwhelming, but I have also started writing a lot and when a memory pops up I will tap on all aspects of that until it changes. I have yet to have a memory completely flip, but I have got to the point where I can think about it and it does not bother me.
    Hope this helps a bit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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