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    C D


    I need tips on tapping. I've watched some of Robert's DVDs and YouTube videos. I've completed 8 hours with Robert Smith (by phone), but at the very end of the program, we just scratched the surface that, for whatever, reason I don't want to be a mother.

    The other day I repeatedly tapped “I don't want to be a mother” on all the points, and then got to a point where I didn't feel anything. Did I do this right?

    Now as I write this, a slew of other emotions and limiting beliefs are coming up, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, doubt, fear, this isn't working, it's never going to happen, I'm too old, I'm too fat, I'm too unhealthy, I'm just going to miscarriage again, etc, and I'm tapping “Let it go” for all of it. I've been tapping here and there when emotions come up, although I don't do it for hours. I may do it for a half hour and stop. I usually get to the point where I stop feeling, but then I may not remember (or want to) to try and make it come back. The thought of never having my own baby is very overwhelming and I can't seem to tap that sadness away. But I keep trying. Guess I'm looking for validation that I'm on the right path, tapping wise.

    Any tips would be appreciated.



    Nina Zamudio

    Hi C,

    In reading your psot, I'm thinking perhaps  the statement “I don't want to be a mother” isn't on point.

    The statements you made about other issues coming up could be an indication that you should change it to the underlying issues. For instance, the process of carrying a baby is a physically demanding one and your emotions and limiting beliefs that came up all had to do with CARRYING the baby, not actually being a mother.  


    “I don't trust my body to carry a baby” (too old, too fat, miscarriage again, etc). 

    Looking after your own body is first and foremost before you house another life in it, if you have doubts and negative feelings about it then address those first so that you create a place that you are have come to positive terms with (at least on a cellular-level physical environment)  and would easily be an environment to nourish and care for a baby for the full term.


    best wishes to you, 


    Cheri Baumann

    Hello Tapping for life

    You are doing a great job and don't be so tough on yourself. Perhaps look at your thoughts or memories on – fear of failure; not doing things right; rejection; unloved; deserving; not good enough; not always getting what you want and see if any emotional drivers come up when you recall the past.If they do, tap them away to nil and then bring in the good memory – perhaps hugging and giving love to yourself as a little person.

    I guess what you have to do is search out what's still there and what does come up is a gift to allow you to heal that part of you.Know that you can be healed and you can do it – just like you can have that little baby that you so yearn for. Heal that little you first Kiss

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