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    This video helped me over the loss of my mom, and I feel so much better, and when I think of her, I now have this wonderful memory, instead of the sad.

    In the beginning of this video, the man who gets up is a bit nervous, so Robert works with him on that, and it will be about that topic up to the marker 4:30; so if you’d prefer to skip that, then just jump ahead to 4:30, and the portion about losing someone begins there. May this help you as well.

    jemmi *_*



    Once again thanks again Jemmi for finding another great video! My Mom died suddenly when I was 12 years old and there is still lots of stuff to tap on with all of those issues. My parents divorced and she moved out a few years before she died. Lots of issues to tap on here for me as well. Anger , rejection and loss…ect. I have had so many dreams in my life since she died( I am now 40 something) that my mom was still alive and living somwhere else and when ( in my dream) I find out she is still alive and I find out where she is …either she has died just before I find her again or she just moved away cause she did not want me to find her. Lots of emotions and a few tears here even now. I am tapping and will continue to tap on This stuff!
    With this particular issue, I have worked diligently for many years to keep it far from my heart. So I will not feel the pain. More lines in the sand! Damit all and thank you! After all these years, the image of my relatoinship with my mother still has an emotional charge and still has an effect on my relationships with my children, friends and new aquaintances. But when I am ready…. this too will be forever in the past where it belongs as I am living my life in the present! She did not die to make me feel bad all these years…she just died. I have filled in the blanks and made it all that it is and is not! I am very happy to have FEFT and other tools that I did not have as a teenager to address emotional pain. I appreciate all the help I have recieved this far and SmileI will strive to FEEL GOOD ALLWAYS!



    Hi Mustang,

    Yes, F-EFT is very helpful for healing these emotional wounds that get carried around with us throughout our lives, affecting other aspects of our lives, and our health. One of the surprising things for me was learning that, yes, you can do something about these memories, you can change them. No, you are not stuck with them, not required to simply cope with them. In the past, that realization didn’t come up in my mind at all. I have wished for it as I’m sure so many have wished for the pain, sorrow, unresolved issues to go away, but felt stuck with it. It must be how most feel, because if we had all known how to release it, we gladly would have. So F-EFT is truly a blessing!

    Still, it is a journey, and it does take time and effort. Each increment of success I achieve of making peace within myself, for the way I interpreted life, and the different events that happened, and forgiving myself for my incorrect perceptions concerning them. F-EFT helps me to have more self-love, more internal calm and a sense of serenity.

    Take care!

    jemmi *_*



    Hi Jemmi,
    You are right! F-EFT is a blessing and the journey does take time and effort. I recently had some relationship issues that brought up lots of feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity…(yuck) I must say I struggled to find a good feeling place inside this turmoil. F-EFT has helped me make peace with myself. It is an ongoing process allowing, releasing , letting go and transforming the old programs. As I do this I am always amazed by the confidence I feel and that feeling comes from within.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this …they are inspiring.
    Best Wishes!Smile

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