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    Hello 🙂


    I have had a lot of success with EFT and other self help techniques I've managed to cut through a lot of issues, that have effected my relationships and quality of life. 


    I have had an autoimmune disorder/chronic fatigue from when I was little, but got a diagnosis approx 6 years ago. The thing is, I don't know where to start with this one. With anger and sadness etc, I tap on those things, somehow the thought of tapping on chronic fatigue seems too much, I don't feel that I have energy for that even. It is really bad at the moment with me sleeping around the clock when I am not working.


    It concerns me that if I'm not tapping on one issue i'm tapping on another that takes it's place. Maybe I just enjoy difficulties so keep producing new ones? Surely if I have tapped away a lot of emotional problems my fatigue and weakness would have improved rather than get worse?


    Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks 


    Hi Kaz,
    I’m sorry there hasn’t been any replies for you. I’m rather new at FEFT, so I’m still trying to find my way too. Have you looked at the ton of videos offered for free on YouTube?

    I have watched many and I know that you can tap mentally, so if you are just too exhausted to physically tap, then tap mentally. Just as we can recreate a memory, we also can remember what it feels like to physically tap, and as Robert said in one of his videos, the mind is intelligent, and it learns quickly.

    In fact, there is a lady on YouTube who had fibromyalgia, and was bedridden. I’m going to find the YouTube link for you. I’ll be back. I think she is now a FEFT practitioner, or at least she makes YouTube videos to help others. She no longer has fibromyalgia.


    She goes by the nickname of Denali Dragonfly. Here is the link I viewed the other day:

    On YouTube, if you want to type in a search for this same video… type: 12. Before, During & Now. Have I Recovered 100%?

    Her real name is B. Grace Jones, and she is now a Master FEFT practitioner, taught and certified by Robert Smith. I saw that she has many, many videos, and I believe she also has her own website too.

    So she would definitely understand what you are experiencing.

    Wishing you the best!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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