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    Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is an excellent option as this stream of medicine believes in finding the root cause and eliminating the muscle and bone problems if any. When the body experiences any weakness either in lower back or any where then it is attributed either due to stress or excessive pressure to the spine. Mild pains can be arrested with adequate rest but it is advised that longer periods of rest can prolong the recovery time. Sometimes, topical agents such as a deep heating rubs may be effective and some people find ayurvedic massages with medicated oils effective in relieving the pain. According to Ayurveda, these pains arise either due to aggravation of ‘vata’ or due to bone and muscle weakness and this discipline treats by finding the root cause of the anomaly. Generalized treatment methods are generally not adopted as each person’s body physiology is considered when a treatment program is designed and patients are admitted based o the extremity of the disease. For in-house patients the medicines are made with changes incorporated in the ingredients of each medicine taking into account the category of the back pain and the body’s response to medicines. Result of this excellent therapy will make you fitter enabling you to perform more physical activities but these results will depend on the basic reason of the back pain. Alternatively, if a generalized approach was given then there may be a temporary relief but long standing cure will be an unattainable goal and the pursuit of the ultimate curing system will never end.

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