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    Rob de Heer


    I'm trying to learn how to use faster eft to work past years of emotional and psychological abuse with family members. We got into a cycle where they violate boundaries, I pull back, and they get offended that I rejected their expression of “love”. It keeps getting worse and worse. At first, it was yelling and driving by my house, then turned into disinheritance, and collaborative abuse. Then they deny anything happened. Then she accused me of being on drugs!

    It's compounded by pressure from my girlfriend to maintain a relationship with my mother. She thinks that if I abandon my mother, I will abandon her. The past is painful and the stress of what could happen in the future is painful too. 

    I'm working on saying goodbye to my mother, and changing my address so she won't send me letters. I feel helpless, deeply hurt and deeply threatened. 

    Any specific eft techniques that might help would be appreciated. 




    Wow, a day later, tapping along with this video worked for me. Truly amazing. I haven't fixed the other issues completely, but I'm no longer emotionally hamstrung by them. I feel like a new man. 

    Thank you, Robert!


    Nawee France

    Hey Rob,

    I’m very happy about your new happiness!!
    How have been things since?
    The link to the video you’ve put isn’t working which one was it please?
    Thank you,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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