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    I have recently begun to address my weight issues or more importantly, my relationship issues with the food I eat! As I have discovered, when tapping on other issues, there are many layers to how do I know I have this problem and who will I be when I do not have this problem…..I began to look at what I eat, how I eat it, how do I feel when I eat it, what is going on inside of me when I am choosing certain foods! ect. in doing this I discovered how much sugar I consume in a day. not just junk food but the sugar that is hidden in foods that I never really thought about having added sugar and the amounts of sugar in in it. I would jokingly make comments calling myself a carboholic to excuse my Addiction to sugar and carbs! The reason this caught my attention in this way was that I have an emotional relationship with foods (stufff from the past) but I also have a physiological addiction (like nicotine in cigarettes)with what is in the food I was eating as well! So I decided to focus my tapping on sugar and starches in my diet. I never thought I could be happy not eating bread and pastas, crackers ect. I have discovered so far…I can! I do not feel deprivation on the contrary I Feel really good! I am really surprised by this and I still kepp trying to make the feeling for wanting these foods come back but it I can’t and that makes me feel good. I am working with my other food issues like food and the connection to my past experiences. I still disconnect while eating and eat really fast but I lost 9 lbs and inside my body feels great! I do appreciate faster eft. Thanks Robert and all who contribute their thoughts here …It is very helpful.



    This is so cool! If you are in the U.S., then I’m sure you know that the food industry puts some fairly unsavory stuff in much of our food in order to purposely create problems for people, and some are naturally more sensitive than others to these chemicals, and excito-toxins. Even Robert G. Smith talks about how they put specific chemicals in foods at some of the fast-food places so that you will crave their food. And products that have high-fructose corn syrup is another large factor in creating internal problems for individuals, this messing up of the metabolism, the feelings of food addiction, the difficulty in losing weight, etc. I call it the Carb Monster.

    When I have gone on a low-carb style of eating, after about three days of very little carbs, the abnormal hunger goes away, and several hours can pass without even thinking of food. When I eliiminate carbs (I’m not speaking of the type of carbs that occur in vegetables, excluding the obviously starchy ones, like Russet potatoes, and corn), but carbs that come in the form of sugars, breads, crackers, pasta, etc. I feel really quite well. The problem comes in for me after a period of time, and I miss having a sandwich, or some soup with bread or crackers, or how do you eat spaghetti without the noodles? But really, setting that aside, the two main emotions that repeat themselves over and over for me, are feelings of punishment and deprivation.

    I triumphed well with bagels, and the other day, I decided to begin to tackle bread, and I noticed it was not traveling down the same path as the bagels. When I asked myself, “How do I know I like bread?” it was not because I like how it is prepared. It was, “It’s what it represents and how it makes me feel.” When I turned that response into a question, the answer was it represents freedom, and so when I eat it, then I’m not being punished or deprived. I could feel myself getting emotional, and I wanted to cry. Unfortunately, it was bad timing to give my attention to this the way I wanted, so I stuck it up on the shelf temporarily. I’m ready to address this now, and I wonder if you’d share more of what you said while you tapped to help you “release and let go,” of sugars and carbs? On YouTube, I noticed Robert saying, “We are eliminating…etc.,” but I failed to notice if that was from earlier tapping, or if this is a fairly new addition when addressing the mind.

    I’m still saving up for the Ultimate Weight Loss package, but in the meantime, this is such a huge issue for me, and it has affected nearly every aspect of my life in an adverse way. Have you seen those two videos, it’s a two-part set about tapping on everything you don’t like about your physical body, starting at the feet/toes? My main areas are like the majority of women, the midriff. It isn’t my entire body, even though initially, that’s what it felt like.

    Anyway, would you be up to sharing some of what you said while you tapped? I’m planning of using this weekend to work on this. It is an awesome feeling, a true sense of freedom, control, and empowerment when you do actually release and let it go. I’d love to feel nothing when I see bread in the store, or having a meal at home, and no longer feel it needs to be a part of my meals, with the emphasis on “needs to be,” because it does not. Logically, I know this.

    When did you begin this tapping? And in what span of time did you lose the 9 lbs? I’m so happy for you! Please do keep sharing your progress, and thanks!

    jemmi *_*



    Hi Jemmi, I guess for me, I want to stay focused on feeling good! my awarness about these food issues is a new for me willingness to look at what I eat and how I eat and how it makes me feel when I eat it. I had heard that the food industry put additives into food but never really wanted to seriously look at it and now that I have it is surprising!

    I began tapping on food issues a few weeks ago. As to what I say when I tap…..it depends on what I am feeling at the moment. Mostly I keep general and say I release and let it go…it is safe to let this feeling go. What ever breaks the trance. Sometimes I make it a game and visualize I am sitting in THE CHAIR and I hear Robert saying the words.lol. Sometimes I tap and use ho’oponpono and say while tapping: I Love You, I am sorry, Please Forgive me, and Thank you! For me, I don’t think the exact words matter as much as focusing on the feeling that is presenting itself and How do I know I have a problem with this Right Now? Answer: I do not like how (fill in the blank) is making me feel right now and I choose to Feel Good! Who will I be without this problem? Answer:I am ready to feel this problem for the last time and then Let It go and see!

    I hope this is helpful for you!



    Also, I think I know why I am not feeling punished or deprived of certain foods(and I probably would have in the past) because it is my choice at any given moment to eat or not these foods. For me, It is a moment to moment decision to FEEL GOOD! I think it was in a thread in here… but I read somewhere that “We are the only Critters on the planet who choose bondage”….and I do believe that is sooo true. I began to ask myself Who said I must eat spagetti and cupcakes to feel good? It is nice to stay aware that food does not love me. I also like to remember that I am playing all the parts and roles in my head at any given time. I am no longer eating on “autopilot” or at least much , much less of the time! The Choice is Mine…and Yep, there is Freedom in that!Laugh

    I have not yet seen the videos you spoke of but will look for them on You Tube!
    Best Wishes



    Here they are.




    Thanks! Very Good!Smile



    SmileI thought I would update how this food thing is going….
    First, I Feel Really Good ! I discovered quite by accident, that since I have given up bread and wheat products my body, my digestive system feels great! No more ibs and acid reflux….It is amazing! I have never not eaten these foods so I never knew they had this effect on me! I eat veggies now that I could not eat before because they caused digestive problems or so I thought. I have lost 17lbs and So far choosing not to eat the carbs and bread has been beneficial.
    Now that I am weeks into this change in my diet, I have become more aware of behaviors that have NOTHING to do hunger and has more to do with other feelings that I do not want to feel. (pushing the pain away or stuffing it down with food.) I see how I use the act of eating to divert or distract myself and I see I have many ways in which I do it. I try to stay aware and be the observer while I am eating and notice and ask How much am I eating ?and where is the full button? and I try to stay aware of cravings as well.(Not always easy when the pattern has been to disconnect)
    For example, When I notice a craving for a certain food, I ask myself when did I eat last? Am I really hungry or is something else connected to this? What is it about this food that makes me crave it right now? Is it sugary or crunchy ? Is it something I consider to be good or bad for me?I visualize the food and often times at this point the answer will pop in my head or I will see it as a memory. I tap on it. The process is fascinating. And works!



    I thought that I would add to this post because I wanted to share how FEFT has helped me work through many issues(always a work in progress) and how effective it has been especially with my relationship with food and emotional issues that have nothing to with food. I have lost 38 lbs since March and feel good. I have learned to be an observer and question my choices not just with food but in other circumstances as well and tap on what I need to. That really is a gift. Thanks again to Robert for sharing FEFT. I always recommend it because it works! Laugh



    As you gain Proof/Success, do you notice that Changes come Quicker?

    For ME, the More I BELIEVED “in” the process of fasterEFT, the Easier and Faster it worked! HOPING the same for you!



    I never really thought about it like this…Do changes come quicker?–Not sure. The more I step out over the line, anxiety and fears have lessened in so many ways.
    I think you are right. Our underlying beliefs are the truths we hold. So if I believe the process works, then it DOES.(I think I answered the first question).
    As I incorporate this process into my daily life…Allowing, Releasing and Letting Go, I find F-EFT is such a great tool that is so effective for making changes in the underlying beliefs I hold as truth and I really love learning about this.
    I now like to use words like “awareness” or “mindfulness” instead of “believe” because it keeps me more an observer and in the present moment and because beliefs are also limiting. Yet the word “Believe “and the feelings it conjures up for me now is that I am starting to Love the underlying beliefs that makes me who I am and for that I am really so thankful. Smile

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