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    Lisa K


    I am studying the Ultimate Training Course so I have a question to Robert or experienced practitioners or anyone who can help me on that one. Thank you very much in advance!


    FasterEFT focus on a memory/feeling and makes the negativity go away (ie. This feeling / I release and let it go – tap on the points – done). However, EFT has the “conversation method” where you talk to yourself and tap along on all those EFT points and I like that. I noticed that tapping on the meridians (EFT style) while saying “everything will be alright” variations also changes my mood in a heartbeat. I mean, in about 5 minutes of doing so.


    So I wonder if I can use some EFT methods, such as these two I mentioned, BUT tapping on the FasterEFT points.


    Are they interchangeable? Can I TOTALLY substitute the 1.000 EFT points for the few FasterEFT points in all situations?


    Thank you,


    Lisa K.


    Julia Albath



    I haven't had any troubles using only the FasterEFT points. I say use what works. FasterEFT isn't just about the sequence or points, it's about having a new way of understanding problems, their structure and how they come about. Remember, “good feeling, bad feeling, collapes”. Problems are problems, because we have feelings that make it true and proof. Then take those feelings and collapse them into good feelings. Problem changes. Plus innovation is good. Try stuff out, if it seems to work better, use it more, share if with others.

    I also occasionally use a more “conversational” style, but I'm not sure what you are referring to so I can't really compare.


    hope that helps,




    Robert G. Smith

    One of the things about FasterEFT is it is very open to what works but doing it faster and not taking all day.  We do use the Even thoughs but as a making peace process instead of adding issues.  Some people do need the talking style of tapping which is good for those but we must discover the art of aiming dirctly to make the changes quickly.  We do not want to turn the knife slowly before removing it.  Ge in get it done and then talk about it to see if there is anything left.  You can also say while tapping, “It is ok to let it go, My life is getting better as i let it go, everything is better as I let it go.”  Being adjustable is the key.  Adjusting to thier program but not just using your program on them.  Robert Cool


    Lisa K

    Please, let me know if I understand this.  In a situation where there are no specific memories, but a feeling. Is this the way to go?


    Depression case

    Pract. – How do you know you´re depressed?

    Client – Because I don´t feel like living anymore. I want to die.

    Pract. – Can you be more specific?

    Client – I just can´t take living anymore. It´s too painful.

    Let´s tap:

    This feeling of wanting to die. I release and let it go…

    Pract. – Do you still feel like dying? Do you still think that being dead is better than living a happy life?

    Client – Yeah, maybe dying is not the best option. Interestingly I don´t feel like dying anymore. But I really want to get over this depression.

    Pract. – How do you know you´re still depressed?

    And so on…


    Can I please have some feedback on this?


    FasterEFT is so simple and fast that it confuses me, who is coming from regular EFT.

    Robert, I have another question for you!


    Why don´t you talk much about “Depression” on the Practitioner´s Training? Because depression is just a bunch of memories and feelings that should be addressed individually? Do you believe that by erasing the negative memories and feelings, a person can have his/her serotonin production restored?


    Thank you!


    Robert G. Smith

    From your scrip you are not going deeper into the problem.  You have to know why they want to die. Did they do their list.  If you have them to do the list video 118 you will get the resources to end any serotonin production becasue that production is a reaction to what is on thier list.   In the script they say it is too painful…..ask what makes it painful? that will lead to the memory or reference.  If you use the Million Dollar, Trillion Dollar or now named “The A.R.T. of Change”  process you will have the answers you need.  It is just as important as the Quick Tap Technique.  Robert Cool


    Carla Groot

    Hi Robert,

    There is something I don't understand.

    You say: “If you have them to do the list video 118 you will get the resources to end any seretonin production because that production is a reaction to what is on their list”

    I thought you need the serotonin production and a depression means there is a lack of it, in the neurotransmission spots.

    Am I wrong about that?

    (I do understand that you create your own serotonine levels. As you create every reaction in the body.)




    Robert G. Smith

    Your production or las of production is based on what you belive and maintain about yourself and your understanding of the outer world.  Shifting perceptions will shift your production or lack of production of seretonin.  Your mind is powerful and can heal itself.  Robert Cool


    Carla Groot

    okay, I get it. It doesn't even matter.

    The only thing is when I believe I will be depressed because the lack off serotonin, that's what happens.

    I only have to deal with my mind and my perceptions, the body follows automatically.

    thank you Robert!

    I sleep very bad these times, and dream a lot.

    I thought: “This is because of the tapping”.

    Maybe if I let this belief go I will sleep a lot better again. WinkWinkWink





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