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    Joachim Eriksson

    I am currently doing Skype sessions with my most challenging case yet.


    This is a man is in his 40's and says he experience confusion, lack of energy and sometimes outbursts of anger.

    This man is very with FasterEFT, and he has been tapping a lot on himself.
    He has not been able to complete a list of difficult things he has gone through in life because he experiences pressure to perform when he thinks of this task.  However, when we try to tap on this feeling he can't get hold of it, it just escapes him.  
    Often when I ask him to focus in on something, he jumps from one thought or memory to an other. When I point out to him to stay focused he says feels bad. When I ask him to focus in on the emotion of feeling bad he can't seem to get hold of it any more.    

    He is simply very good at avoiding pain, and I don't feel that the tapping sessions has been very successful. Instead I have given focus and attention to hypnosis and positive suggestions, nlp and affirmative incantations. This, he says works for him and he really enjoys it.  However, I still would like help this guy to uproot his bad programming. 

    Any suggestions of what to do? 

    Must admit that this client has caused me to tap a lot on myself, and I am most grateful for the frustrations I am confronted with and get to tap out! 



    Hi Joach!

    I don't think I have had anyone quite this good at running, but here are some things I might try.

    Have you asked him “How do you know you can't focus?” and then address that. Does he have a story to tell about how he can't focus? Have you tried putting all the things he jumps to up on a shelf in the front of his mind? Then tap on what's on the shelf. When something new pops in just tell him to put it up on the shelf with everything else, notice what it all represents and tap on that. Maybe the word “focus” is a trigger for him not to focus and you could use a different word. Maybe even if you tell him NOT to focus on something it might reverse his process.


    This video addresses lack of focus. I hope something here will help. Keep us posted.


    Love & Peace, Grace

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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