Child shut down

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    Jaynee Hodgkins

    I started the home program and did the 3 levels of Practitioner but still need to get my tapping time with practitioners logged and sent in if anyone wants to buddy. I use FEFT several hours per week in my Brain Integration practice and have had great results. Yesterday working with a 7 y/o adopted girl with a lot of “defiance” issues, it was going really well. We were collaborating and using sensory practices and rapport was built. We got to the tap part and she literally stopped talking and would not continue. With attachment issues and her strong background in needing control strategies I could have thought it was that but my gut is it was just too hard to go to the emotional area. We moved back into physical work but she shut down there even. I have never had this happen after 5 years of practicing these techniques. I did some tapping for her on my own. Has anyone had this happen. Thoughts?

    Also, if you are interested in sharing some tap sessions I am Mountain Standard Time.


    Nicole Josan


    She (unconsciously) got scared that it may work, and who would she be if she could acknowledge …? (your gut feeling is right)

    She is not yet ready to go to any deep level of healing.

    Talk about fixing day-to-day stuff, to make her feel comfortable with it. You could stop tapping altogether and just use reimprinting. Tapping is weird for a kid.

    I hope it helps

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